8 Negative Health Issues Due to Momos

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The small soft dough balls stuffed with chopped veggies are called momos. They are considered as one of the favorite street foods around India. These small steamed stuffed balls are served with a spicy dip which makes this snack more delightful. But with an amazing taste, this snack is considered unhealthy for health and can cause ailments with long term impact on health. Today we are going to discuss 8 negative health issues due to momos.


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What are the Negative Health Issues Due to Momos?


Here is the list of 8 negative health issues due to momos:

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1.  Made of Chemical-Laced Dough:



8 Negative Health issues due to momos



Momos are made with strained flour and treated with chemicals such as Azodicarbonamide, Chlorine gas, Benzoyl Peroxide, and other bleaches. Excessive consumption of these chemicals can easily damage the liver, pancreas and cause diabetes.


2. They may have MSG ( Monosodium Glutamate )



8 Negative Health issues due to momos


Momos are most likely to contain mono-sodium glutamate (MSG) which not only leads to obesity but also causes a string of other health issues like nervous disorder, sweating, chest pain nausea, and palpitations.


3. They May Contain Fecal Matter:



8 Negative Health issues due to momos



According to the research Institute of Hotel Management, Catering and Nutrition, Pusa, revealed that Delhi street foods – particularly samosas, gol gappas, burgers, and momos carry the fecal matter much beyond the permissible coliform levels.


4. The Dip is Too Spicy


8 Negative Health issues due to momos



For the majority of the body part, red chillis are good for your health unless they are not processed chili powder. Although, one cannot be sure about the quality used by local momo-vendors. Also, over-consumption of spicy foods is suspected to cause bleeding hemorrhoids or piles.


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5. Uncooked and Unwashed Vegetables



8 Negative Health issues due to momos


The vegetables inside the momos are of poor quality and unhygienic and home to bacteria like Escherichia coli bacteria which can cause severe infection.


6. Source of Dangerous Tapeworm:



8 Negative Health issues due to momos


Momos are filled with carrot and cabbage which if not cooked properly can have bacteria of tapeworm which can reach the brain and lodge there and grow eventually, causing a life-threatening condition.


7. Made with Low-Quality Meat:



8 Negative Health issues due to momos


According to a few types of research and reports, the fillings of the non-veg momos are made of deceased animals or chicken which the vendor purchases at a low price. This low-quality chicken might leave a negative impact on your health.


8. Momos may Have Dog Meat!


8 Negative Health issues due to momos


According to certain news, many vendors stuff dogs meat inside the momos, they might have been doing it since ages. So, it is a good idea to have momos only from clean and hygienic shops where you are sure of the quality.




Nowadays momos are favorite street food for youngsters, they love to eat momos every day but eating momos can be very harmful to your health and sometimes it can be life-threatening as well. As we have discussed 8 negative health issues due to momos in the above article, avoid eating momos on regular days end enhance your health.


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