No Equipment Toning During Quarantine, Time To Get Fit

Somya Verma

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All of a sudden, the world has come to a stop. Some say that Earth is healing and others are just sad that they cannot have their favorite food or cannot hit the gym like they used to before. We cannot do much about the food, but with no equipment toning during the quarantine, you can get a little bit happy about the gym. Yes, we are going to surprise you with some of the no equipment toning exercises that will increase your body immunity and also giving you the shape you always wanted.


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Get to your no equipment toning during the quarantine, with the best food to eat


Before we tell you what are the no-equipment exercises, let us give you a list of a few food items you must include in your diet now!


1) Enough water


Yes, you must not go less on water intake, the summers are in and no dehydration allowed. This will affect a lot on your no equipment toning during the quarantine.


2) Let them soak water, dry fruits


You need energy from the nuts! Get the almonds and the walnuts to soak water. With this, you can make sure you are never out of energy while you do your no equipment toning during the quarantine.


3) Go less on carbs and more on proteins, lesser on fat


Yes, this is time you can train your body on how to limit carb intake. Once you master it, there is no going back. Proteins also tighten the skin which helps in better toning.


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Exercises with no equipment toning during the quarantine


We hope your “josh” is high! Here we are going to do some serious sweating. We are going to shed a lot of fat and go low with unwanted calories.


1) Jumping Jacks


A little warming up is necessary, to make your body wake up from the standstill. This exercise needs no equipment. Keep your legs wide open and put your arms up and cross them each time you jump and bring your legs together. You see, the heartbeat is going up already!


2) Lunges and Squats


We must give those pair of legs something to burn for. Lunges, when done, put your legs to toning. It is one of the easiest yet the most amazing no equipment toning during quarantine exercise. Similarly, your butt gets a good shape with squats.


3) Boxer Punches


Do you remember when you would act like a boxer as a kid? You can actually be one now! Boxer punches help your arms shape and get the cut you want. Just air punches with little force can serve the purpose. Ready for bringing out the boxer with no equipment toning during the quarantine?


4) Planks


Let us talk about the core now! Where does all the belly fat rest? It is also the toughest place to tone! In fact, while in a plank you’re working the entirety of your core—including the transverse abdominus, rectus abdominus, and obliques. Your glutes are also at work, carrying your back and bum. Despite its difficulty, this position can be done safely and without complication.


5) Whole-body stretching


Well, after you are done with the above exercise, do go for all body stretches. This is like the cherry on the cake. You can make combinations also!


You must keep your self motivated in this lockdown. With these easy and simple no equipment toning during the quarantine, you can very well feel good and also use the time well!


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