Health Benefits of Drinking Water In Summer, Carry The Bottles

Somya Verma

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With the summers almost in, we have a reminder for you to take the “water bottle” seriously. It is the time of the year where all your water is soaked up by the scorching heat and you do not even realize. So, we make sure that you understand what might be the health benefits of drinking water in summers. It is not specifically to summers but drinking water, in general, can be a great health benefit.


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Why you must know the health benefits of drinking water in summers?


It is a secret to keep that drinking water must increase in summer? Well, until now if you think it was, you must not understand that it is not. It makes sense that when we are dehydrated, our bodies, like our vehicles, send out clear warning signals that we need to check our fluid level. When this happens, it is important to do everything to normalize our water balance.


What can happen if you do not understand the health benefits of drinking water in summers?


You must be thinking, that you take enough water and you can still be wrong. Why? Let us give you a few situations where you realize the health benefits of drinking water in summers.


1. Dry, sticky mouth and excessive thirst


It is obvious that if you have not had enough water, your mouth and tongue are particularly dry and sticky, but some people may actually lose that sign. Likewise, excessive thirst is actually a symptom that you have dehydrated for a while. In either case, take a drink and start replacing the lost fluids.


2. Chronic fatigue


Blood and other body fluids are mainly water. When your body becomes dehydrated, the blood gets thicker and your heart has to spend more energy to keep oxygen and nutrients in the circulation. If you feel tired every day and there does not seem to be any cause, drinking more water may be the answer.


3. Cholesterol imbalance


Dehydration tells your body to increase your cholesterol production to thicken the cell walls and preserve the fluid content. As a result of this defense process, the level of cholesterol in the blood also increases and can easily be unbalanced.


4. High or low blood pressure


The decrease in the general blood volume caused by dehydration can be manifested by constant low blood pressure. Over a long time period, increased blood cholesterol can cause arterial build-up and possibly plaque, which raises blood pressure to potentially dangerous levels.


5. Your eyes are dry


Well now, this is clear that not drinking enough water affects more than the mouth and throat. Lack of water leads to dry, red eyes. Without water in the body, your lines of tears dry up. Realize that this can cause a lot more damage to your eyes, especially if you wear contact lenses every day.


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So what are the health benefits of drinking water in summers?


Coming to the issue of what are these benefits we are talking about? Let us see what magical wonder is water and what it does to our body.


1) Regulating your body temperature


Water makes sure that you do not have dehydration. This in result keeps your body temperature balanced. It helps you save yourself from sun strokes and fever as well.


2) Carries the necessary nutrients


During summer you need more energy. It is obvious because you tire yourself so much. You sweat more than usual. So how does your body get energy when there is not enough water in the body for circulation? And who gives the energy. That is one of the important health benefits of drinking water during summer.


3) Increasing memory power


Reduced blood flow through chronic dehydration deprives the brain of the oxygen and nutrients it needs to function at its maximum capacity. As a result, your memory and concentration can be severely impaired.


4) Silky and shining skin


It is normal that our skin changes with the seasons. In the winter months, we can see that our skin looks dull and lifeless. You see, dry skin lacks sebum (oil) and must respond to the application of oil-rich products. In these situations, the application of a sufficient amount of moisturizer is generally sufficient to improve the situation.


If your skin stays dry and chapped at any time of the year, even if it is lubricated with medicinal water, you can drink one or more drinks. If the skin loses its shine because of dehydration, just drink water!


5) Lifts your mood up


As it is characteristic to be hungry, the need for water tends to make people anxious and easily irritable. In addition, chronic dehydration with all the other possible negative effects on your brain and other organs can get rid of your hormonal balance and cause persistent depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders.


If we start to pen down each and every health benefit of drinking water in summer, then you must have enough time to read it through. Water is the “magical potion” you must never at any point of year lessen the adequate amount of water. However, in summer, you need something extra always!


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