Pancreatitis : Know More About Its Causes and Symptoms

Somya Verma

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A lot of mild and chronic ailments have common symptoms and these results in patients not paying much attention until the condition becomes severe. This ends up in higher causalities and complication. Pancreatitis is one such health issue that might not be detected until diagnosed.


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It is the inflammation of the pancreas. Pancreases are glands that are found behind the stomach and next to the intestine. The gland is responsible for the digestive system in the body and helps it digest food by excreting the enzymes that regulate the glucose which defines the sugar level of the body. Insulin is one of the important hormones that are kept in check by the pancreas. Any damage to the working of the pancreas leads to patient developing Pancreatitis.


Pancreatitis is of two main types:


1) Acute Pancreatitis: This stage occurs soon after the pancreas starts to get damaged. It is an attack which is usually very mild. There are usually only 20% of the cases that are faced in this stage which are severe.


2) Chronic Pancreatitis: When during acute pancreatitis the pancreas is scarred, they fall under the chronic stage.


There is no chance for the gland to come on the normal state. The condition of the gland worsens every day by day.


Once a patient suffers from the chronic stage there are chances that other organs will also be affected.



The following symptoms are seen in those who are suffering from Pancreatitis.



• Acute Stage:


i) Burning sensation in the upper abdomen.


ii) Nausea and vomiting


iii) Fever


iv) Increased rate of heart


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• Chronic stage:


i) Constant pain in upper abdomen


ii) Diarrhea and weight loss


iii) The patient might develop diabetes because of the pancreas not functioning properly.


Pancreatitis usually occurs when enzymes that are released by pancreas get activated inside the gland. This results in irritation of the cells, and the scar tissues lead to loss of function. There are many reasons for someone to suffer from the condition.


  • Alcoholism



  • Abdominal surgery


  • Certain medications



  • Family history of pancreatitis


  • High calcium levels in the blood (hyperkalemia), which may be caused by an overactive parathyroid gland (hyperparathyroidism)


  • High triglyceride levels in the blood (hypertriglyceridemia)


  • Infection


  • Injury to the abdomen


  • Pancreatic cancer



There are certain groups of people who are prone to the disease and likely to get affected more than others. These include the continuous consumers of Alcohol. The others also include tobacco consuming individuals.



Those individuals who suffer from obesity or from unhealthy diet system are also prone to acquire Pancreatitis. The other common reasons that can lead to the disease are old age, family history of the disease, and other ailments which might affect the condition of pancreas like Hepatitis.



In most of the case, it becomes difficult for the doctors to tell the actual reason for the disease. As we can see that most of the symptoms are common with other health problems as well. In case the person is suffering from these symptoms for long, it is advisable that they should consult a doctor. It is a condition that can only be detected, once it is properly diagnosed under a certified medical practitioner.


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