Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, An Overview

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In most cases, we do not put attention to some of the most important parts of our body. We are busy getting the perfect waist size or the 6 packs but do not understand that this cannot be done without giving attention to regions like our pelvis. The pelvis supports most of your organs and movements in the body. Pelvic Floor Dysfunction is one such condition that the pelvic region can suffer and can be risky for your other organs as well.


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Which is the pelvic region?


The pelvis is the lower part of the torso. It’s located between the abdomen and the legs. This area provides support for the intestines and also contains the bladder and reproductive organs. There are some structural differences between the female and the male pelvis.


What happens in pelvic floor dysfunction?


As we have already mentioned that the pelvic region is the one that supports the reproductive organs. Hence when this supportive structure weakens then there might be high chances of the person suffering from Pelvic Floor Dysfunction.


Pelvic floor dysfunction is the incapability of your body to correctly tighten or say contract and relax the muscles in the pelvic floor. This is what highly affects your bowel movement. A pelvic floor is a group of muscles on the floor of the pelvic area. These muscles support the organs in the pelvis, and some form a sling around the rectum and vagina.


What must be done in the case of pelvic floor dysfunction?


In the first look, if the condition can be well managed, then the doctors recommend the various easy methods to help you get rid of the condition. The fact is that the function of the pelvis is also to facilitate the movement of stool and hence must be taken seriously.


1) Exercise


This is recommended especially for pregnant ladies. One of the main reasons being that during labor, the pelvis becomes weak. This might later be a trouble for the mother. Thus your doctor might suggest this as a way to get away with Pelvic Floor Dysfunction.


2) Pain relief


Some people need injections of pain relief or anti-inflammatory medication to relieve their symptoms. This can help you get through the pain, however, cannot increase the strength.


3) Pessary


In the worst conditions in case of women, who have organ prolapse this might be the way to get your pelvic floor dysfunction in place. A doctor or nurse inserts a pessary into the vagina to support prolapsed organs. This type of device can help treat various symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction, either as an alternative to surgery or while a person awaits surgery.


4) Surgery


The final remedy to you and your condition can be surgery. This is for people who cannot do with the regular ways of treatment. When prolapse interferes with daily activities, a doctor may recommend surgery.


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How can I know, I have pelvic floor dysfunction?


This might be going in your head, how can you know you might be suffering from a situation like that? Well, you must look out for the signs and symptoms.


  • Pelvic Pain



  • A Bulge Somewhere In The Lower Pelvic Region




  • Involuntary Leakage Of Stool


  • Incomplete Urination


  • Bowel Movement Dysfunction


  • Pain During Sexual Intercourse


At first the condition pelvic floor dysfunction might sound extremely scary. You can but take good care at the early stage and help yourself get the treatment that can make things way easier for you. If you want to get the Pelvic floor dysfunction treatment, then simply drop your query on Whatsapp (+91 9599004311) or email us at our team will get back to you as soon as possible.


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