Prescription pad benefits for the doctors and patients

Divya Tripathi

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Are you aware of the prescription pad benefits? If no, So before knowing its benefits first understand its why do we need it? As we all know medicine prescription writing is one of the most important parts of a doctor’s job. As a doctor, you have to be writing different prescriptions for patients with various diseases on a daily basis.


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According to a WHO report, India has one doctor for every 1,668 people. A doctor who is working in a Government hospital attends approximately 60-65 patients every day. However, a private doctor attends to around 30 patients daily. If we talk about these numbers then it means an Indian doctor writes 9125 – 10950 prescriptions every year.


Writing such a huge number of prescriptions on a daily basis makes medication errors inevitable. To avoid these kinds of errors we can use a digitalized version of the prescription which is known as a prescription pad. Here we are going to share some prescription pad benefits for the doctors as well as for the patients.



What Is Prescription Pad?


Electronic prescribing, E-prescription or Prescription Pad is a digital version of old-fashioned paper prescriptions. A doctor creates a digital or an electronic version of the prescription during a patient encounter.


The electronic prescription is used to save in the system and is easily transmitted to the pharmacy within a moment. Of course, the sensitive information listed in the prescription (what the drug is, what it’s for, and the name of the patient) is safeguarded.



Prescription Pad Benefits:


As we describe in the above section Prescription Pad or E-prescription is used to avoid errors. Apart from that here we are going to discuss the Prescription pad benefits for the doctor aa well as for the patient.


Prescription Pad Benefits For the Doctor:


  • Increased the quality of the work
  • Reduced cost of treatment.
  • Increased efficiency and productivity of the institute
  • Increased competitiveness
  • Useful for further education and training
  • Availability of database for further statistics & research
  • More effective monitoring of projects & disease surveillance
  • Reduced waiting and treatment time
  • More flexible planning
  • Improved communication with the administration



Prescription Pad Benefits For the Patients:


  • Decrease your waiting and treatment time
  • Faster relief & reduced financial burden to the payer
  • The care provider is fast & some times as their doorstep
  • A patient can get post-treatment services at their home like medicine delivery.
  • Lower the risks of a patient by avoiding transportation
  • Possibility of treatment even at inaccessible places via the internet
  • Guarantee of safe & secure complete medical record at one place
  • Availability of compact EMR, which can be easily carried away anywhere
  • Reduced risk of unintentional Prescription errors
  • Quicker access to specialized care
  • Prevention of unnecessary stress & money loss caused by multiple examinations
  • Prevention of unnecessary diagnostics
  • Reduced risk of incorrect treatment





Keeping in mind these general guidelines and to minimize error level, it is highly recommended to use the prescription pad. It is the first of its kind for the medical profession with lots of prescription pad benefits for the patients as well as for the doctors. India now ready as a better health care provider, with the kind of software this kind of software which can improve the quality.


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