Best Protein Powder Supplements: Overview, Types and Side Effects

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People discussing protein powder supplements for better fitness results near the weighing machine or yoga area is one thing that every gym member must have encountered at least once. The best protein supplement is categorized by the amount of time it takes to give optimum and recognizable results and how much less harm it is causing in return.


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The craze and trend for best protein powder supplement have been on the verge for every other fitness freak or gym member. But the quotient of lack of knowledge remains on the head always. We have curated the list of supplements and their side effects for better analysis and choices.



What are Protein Powder Supplements?


The supplements of protein are basically concentrated protein extracted from an external source that can be plant-based or animal based. The source is defined as an edible object or element which comprises of rich protein that can be used for humans as supplementary nutrition.


There are three basic forms:


1. Protein concentrates:


These are extracted by the source such as whole food by using components such as acid, enzymes or heat. The procedure of this extraction provides 60-80% concentrated protein and the rest of the material consists of fats and carbs.



2. Protein Isolates:


These are obtained by the procedure involving further segregation and extraction from the product with the help of filtration. Such kind of protein powder supplement is purer than protein concentrates as the fats and carbs are shredded away.



3. Protein Hydrosylates:


Created after further heating and processing with enzymes. The extracted material is brought through breaking down acid acids to obtain hydrosylates which can be easily consumed by the human body.



8 Types of Protein Powder Supplements:



1. Whey Protein:


This type of supplement is extracted from dairy-based products such as milk. It is obtained similarly to the process of making cheese. Whey protein is healthy for the body but it also brings lactose which is not digestible to many people.



2. Egg Protein:


Eggs are recognized as one of the best foods that help in staying full for longer by maintaining appetite and provides less fat. Egg protein has the highest protein digestibility-corrected amino acid score (PDCAAS) too.



3. Soy Protein:


Soy is one of the most demanded and consumed food material by vegan people. This kind of protein is majorly infamous under the health conscious people who seek the vegetarian source of protein.



4. Casein Protein:


It is one of the most popular protein powder supplements. Casein is a slow-digesting dairy protein that may reduce muscle protein breakdown and promote muscle mass growth and fat loss during calorie restriction.



5. Pea Protein:


People who have an allergy towards eggs, dairy or animal-based products, seek the consumption for the pea protein. This protein supplement is a high energy source with rich BCAA content.



6. Brown Rice Protein:


This kind of protein powder supplement is not old as it has recently hit the market after popularisation of brown rice. This supplement consists of amino acids in bulk but low in lysine.



7. Mixed Plant Protein:


Some of the protein supplements are made by using more than one or two plant-based sources. Chia seeds, Hemp, pea, alfalfa, quinoa and more.



8. Hemp Protein:


Hemp protein is another kind of plant-based protein which is made by the hemp leaves. Moreover, this protein is not much popular due to its psychoactive component THC. Although it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids.




Is there any side effects of taking Protein Powder Supplements?



In the majority of cases, the problems while consuming protein supplements are encountered when the individual has a prior digestion or allergy problems. Many people are unable to digest animal-based food items and others can be intolerant to lactose. Lactose intolerant people can switch to the other kinds of protein powder supplement such as whey isolates.



Some people often get over-enthusiastic about the concept of clean protein and tend to consume too much. In such condition, ulcers, bloating, swelling and indigestion like symptoms are also been observed. Sometimes allergic people encounter constipation while consuming supplements of protein.


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Which is the Best Protein Powder Supplements?



The definition of best protein supplement can never be fixed for every person. As every person has different body shape and type and interests. Some are vegan, others are non-vegetarian. Moreover, some are allergic or tolerant of some food items and others are not.



Always consult a dietician before making the right choice of picking a supplement. Below are some key points that one can keep in mind to buy the right product.



1. Protein Percentage:


Judging a book by its cover is the wrong things, which implies in this case appropriately. Majority of Protein Powder Supplements Brands endorse their product with robust packing and luring offer but that is not important. Always go through the content label and check for the protein percentage. The product must provide above 60% protein per scoop.



2. Additional Nutrients:


Almost every other supplement has much other nutrition in it along with protein. Check whether the added nutrients are beneficial for your health or not. Moreover, it is important to check for the additional contents as sometimes these added nutrients can be allergic or harmful to you.



3. Processing Methods:


We have mentioned above many procedures of extracting protein powder supplements that are concentrates, isolates, and hydrosylates. So, choose the right product accordingly.



4. Side Effects:


There has been a set of guideline for the protein supplements brands to mention the possible side effects or harmful impacts that it can cause to the body. Always, check them and decide accordingly.



5. Expert’s Choice:


It is very common that people often get influenced by other people who discuss protein supplements. Millennials are always influenced and lured by such discussions or peer pressures. It is recommended to discuss with a dietician, fitness expert or doctor.







The bottom line is that Protein Powder Supplements are quite very popular and demanding. It is also possible that you can maintain an appropriate protein diet by adding more superfood or whole foods into your regular diet. Also, avoid getting influenced by the community.


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