How Do I Remove Impurities From Vegetables Bought From The Market?

Prakhar Tyagi

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It is common knowledge now that vegetables we buy from the market contain residual pesticides. Several studies have shown that these residual pesticides are toxic enough to cause serious ailments, such as cancer, damage nervous and reproductive system, disrupt immune system and cause birth defects.

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We might believe it or not, but pesticides are usually present in vegetables and fruits we eat. These pesticides are primarily used during the cultivation of the crops and in some cases may remain as deposits.

There are several studies conducted on vegetables and fruits, which reveals that unacceptably high amounts of pesticide residue in the crop.

According to the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) of India, “high levels of pesticide residues can be toxic which is enough to cause long-term cancer, birth defects, damage to the nervous and reproductive systems, and severe disruption of the immune system.”

4 Tips To Remove Impurities From Vegetables

There are several ways in which you can wash away the toxins present in the vegetables. Some of these are mentioned below:

1. Wash and Rinse Vegetables with Cold Water

Most type of impurities, including pesticides, can be removed by properly washing and rinsing vegetables under cold water. While washing, it is important that you also clean the crevices as well and any other place where impurities or pesticides may remain.

2. Salt-Water Solution Wash

You may find it interesting that the humble salt when mixed with water, is a good cleaning agent and can wash away other residual impurities or pesticides from the surface of the vegetables. For this, you have to soak the vegetables in the salt-water solution prior to washing vegetables under cold water. The salt solution can be prepared by mixing 2 tablespoons of common salt with 4 cups of water.

3. Vinegar or Lemon Soak

As an alternative to a salt-water solution, you may also use vinegar soak/ lemon soak to clean your vegetables. Vinegar or lemon soak is used similarly as the salt water solution is used i.e. soaking the vegetables for 30 minutes in the vinegar or lemon soak and then washing them with cold water. Vinegar or lemon soak can be prepared by adding 2 parts of vinegar to 8 parts of water.

4. Peel & Trim

Another way of removing the impurities is by peeling the skin of the vegetables or trimming them. This way the outer layer of the vegetables that are exposed to the impurities and pesticides is removed altogether and thus making the vegetables free from such contaminants.

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