How to Identify a Good Doctor?

Prakhar Tyagi

, Health A2Z

Identifying a good doctor has become a challenge for most Indians. With countless hospitals, nursing homes and clinics across the country citizens are confused while identifying a good doctor.

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Ideally, doctors are here to help you improve. Although there are certain conditions that are not controlled and should only be monitored, in most cases you expect at least an improvement. One of the biggest indicators that a doctor is not good at is the frequency with which a patient has to be resumed or has to repeat the procedure or treatment.

Most people, including doctors or physician, rely on personal referrals to find a good doctor. But what do you do when you’re away from home, or do you know someone with direct knowledge of local doctors? My parents recently asked me to recommend a doctor in a state where I did not know any of my colleagues personally.

This is the 6-step process that I helped you find an excellent specialist. I hope this will help others to find the right doctor!

Here is a method to navigate through the chaos and identify a good doctor:

1. Harness Your Network

Nothing works better than your network of friends, acquaintances, and relatives when it comes to selecting a healthcare specialist.

2. Harness Women’s Network In Your Locality

Women networks are wonderful sources of data that can provide you interesting case studies on doctors. However, here too, discretion is advised. A cross-validation of information is the best way forward.

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3. Do not Trust Media Reports Blindly

Do not blindly trust media reports while making a decision. Most mainstream media reports are sponsored and could be motivated.

4. Cross-Check Information On The Internet

You can cross-check information about doctors by searching their names on Google. However, you should be cautious while using information from the Web because it could be motivated.

5. Approach Healthcare Touch-Points

A good way to learn about doctors are touchpoints like pharmacies. But be sure to talk to 3 pharmacies before you think of considering any doctor.

6. Visit Hospitals That Have A Non-Commercial Character

Some hospitals across the country are charitable and do not advertise themselves. Such hospitals are all-time favorite spots for the best doctors in diverse fields.

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