5 Deskercise for Workaholics

Prakhar Tyagi

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How does a workaholic find time to do something outside of work, especially exercise? There is not much time left for socializing, healthy eating, outdoor time or time for exercise.


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The problem for the workaholic is that you spend all day and week doing the work on time and on schedule, perfecting the work you do, and doing more projects than anyone should.


Best Deskercise for Workaholics


Working on Laptop/desktop for prolong hours may result in certain health problems also called as occupational diseases. To counter this you can adopt some habitual changes in the workplace. These habitual changes are deskercises i.e. the exercises which you can do at your desk/workstation. One of the deskercise which is mainly recommended for computerholics & workaholics is neck stretches. Neck Stretches can be easily done at your workplace, even when you have hectic schedules.


Benefits of Neck Stretches


  1. Relieves neck pain.
  2. Improves flexibility.
  3. Reduces headaches.
  4. Lengthens the larger muscles which defuse the stress and improves mood.
  5. Releases tightness which is caused due to the poor poster.

Here we go with 5 easy-to-do neck stretches:


5 Neck Deskercise

1. The Left and Right Movement


Move your head to the left. Now take it towards your back. Don’t trouble yourself much and do it as per your ease. Do this gently and give small microsecond pauses in between. Return back to your original position. Now do this by turning your head to the right. Do it 10 times for each direction.


2. The Pendulum Movement


In this, move your neck from left to right and then right to left. Don’t use any strength while doing this. Repeat it 10-15 times with frequent pauses.


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3. The Chin Tuck


In chin Tuck, drop your head down to the chest. Maintain the position and then take it to the backward, as much as you can, easily. Now get back to the original position and repeat it 7-8 times.


4. Neck Rotation


Slowly drop your chin down to the chest. Slowly rotate your neck in 360 degrees in the clockwise rotation. Ensure that your ears touch your shoulders either side (left and right). Give a pause and then repeat the neck rotation in the anti-clockwise direction. Repeat it 3-5 times.


5. Hold The Neck


Sit straight and hold your forehead between your palms. Try to push the head backward. While doing this resist the motion with the help of neck muscles. Relax and repeat this for 5 times.


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