Save Healthcare Records: No Paper, Use Electronic Health Records

Somya Verma

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Do you remember how your mother or you would find the paper prescription all over the house? It was tiring, right? Well, it always is. So, what do we do? In order to save healthcare records, the pilling of papers is not the right way. You must have a better and more secure way to keep these. Health records are very important to keep yourself in good health.


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Why is paper not a good way to save health records?


Paper is not a good way to save health records because it can be lost. The writing of the chemist or the doctor is not clear sometimes. Moreover, you cannot get updating done in the paper. Like what if you want to add another condition after the second checkup? Hence, you need to have a different way to save health records.


What is the other option to save health records?


The answer to rescue is an electronic record manager. Yes, you must save your health records through electronic devices. Like we at GoMedii help you with the health wallet. Here, all your data is stored and saved health records are easily accessible.



Save Healthcare records electronically Advantages


Now, you must think that even electronic storage of data can harm the information. Though a technical glitch can happen, it is not as bad as losing the entire paper of prescription. You must understand the idea of improved technology. Here are some benefits you can get when you save health records electronically.


1) Easy updating after you save health records


This is true, do you think you will be able to use the same prescription again and again? You will have a space crunch. This will need more paper and then the same problem of pilling up.


2) Easy Management


Once when the entire purpose of maintaining paper is gone, the management is already done. This is only possible if you do not use the paper system. You should always save your health records electronically.



3) Less Paperwork and Fewer Storage Issues


In the healthcare industry, taking all the names and data take time. The staff has to fill the form and then make sure the receipt is kept safe. This takes up a lot of time and paper. Clinicians and staff can spend a large portion of the workday filling out and processing forms. This is all saved with the use of electronic devices to fill in the health records.


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4) Real-time information exchange


When you save health records on a device, it ultimately becomes easy to access by both the parties. This is because you have ease of sharing information. This helps in maintaining the privacy of the patient as well.


5) Higher Quality Health Care Provided


Save health records electronically, to receive higher quality healthcare. When your doctor has your information in a more clear pattern and also in advance, you can receive better treatment and medical assistance.


6) Efficient to Save Health Records Electronically


Electronic Health Records can be more efficient than paper records by allowing centralized chart management, and quicker access to patient information from anywhere with condition-specific queries.


7) A More Personal Care


With the ease of sharing the data, you feel that you are taken care of in a better way. This helps you get personal care. There is trust build up that helps improve recovery to some extent.



At GoMedii get your health wallet by joining us. Get to your search bar and type out GoMedii. Sign up with us and you are good to go! Choose a doctor’s appointment as per your requirement, and enter your details. Along with this, you can also enter your vitals. There you are with your save and personalized health records, with our own health wallet!


Save your health records in an advanced way. Technology is improving day by day and we at GoMedii are trying our best to make sure you are provided top-notch healthcare service. Visit our website to know more.


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