Diet For Diabetes: Eat Right For Healthy Life

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Have you ever looked at a bowl of colorful and bright color veggies and found it appetizing? Surely, most of you will say Nah, but here we gonna provide you a super interesting diet for diabetes. When diabetes hits you hard then get up and fight back. A nutritious diet with regular exercise can help you in managing diabetes.


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Following a diet for diabetes and staying active, altogether can help you in keeping blood glucose level in your target range. We are here to solve your what, when, and how much to eat questions for managing the blood sugar levels. At first, things might appear challenging, so plan and implement by taking baby steps.


Diet for Diabetes: A diabetic diet chart


The meal plan shared below is a yorker ball to clean bolt all the w’s. To be exact- we defined different meals (When to eat?), and different food items in every meal ( What to eat?), with a specific amount of intake of certain food items (How much to eat?). So, plan a healthy life even with diabetes.




Empty stomach (6-7)

Early morning

Empty stomach soaked methi Dana/ Cinnamon water (methi ½ tsp/cinnamon 1 stick soaked overnight )

soaked almonds (5-6)

Break Fast


Toned milk/tea without sugar  – 250 ml (1 cup

1-2 multigrain bread slices /veg Daliya/Oats chilla/Suji Upma/Veg Poha/stuffed chapatti /sprouts



Fruits(apple/papaya/guava/moasmi/jamun/pear/ (100 gm )

coconut water /buttermilk (100 ml )



Multigrain  chapatti (1-2)/

Whole dal /palak paneer  1 bowl

dry vegetable / Cauliflower curry

Curd ( skimmed milk )




Tea(without sugar )/green tea  + Biscuits (Sugar-free)

/Fresh vegetable/tomato  soup /roasted channa / Namkeen dhokla / khandvi



Mix dal idli (2-3)


Green chutney

Salad  1 plate before the meal


Milk ( Skimmed  milk without )

For non-vegetarian 

80 gm. lean meat                                                          30 gm. Dal

100gm. Fish                                                                    1 egg white

100gm. Chicken                                                              30 gm. Paneer


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What should I eat if I have diabetes?


If you care to start a diet for diabetes, do consider these items as you can include them in your diet plan.


  • Eat cereals & pulses as prescribed in the plan



  • Fruits like papaya, orange, sweet lime, guava, apple, etc.


  • Milk & milk products should be made out of double toned or skimmed milk.


  • Mustard/ Groundnut/Olive oil
Note: Use different categories of oils for preparation. Select one from each category for cooking purposes.


What foods to avoid or limit if you have diabetes?


Well, be sure about the food items that consumption you need to limit. The list of such food items include:


  • Butter, desi ghee, vanaspati, coconut oil.
  • Fried items like samosa, poori, parantha, pakora, etc.
  • Bakery items made out of butter & desi ghee like cakes, pastries, etc.
  • Starchy products like cornflour, arrowroot, refined flour, and custard powder.
  • Root vegetables like potato, sweet potato, tapioca, Jimikand, etc.
  • High caloric fruits like banana, mango, sapota, grapes, kiwi, custard apple, etc.
  • Beverages like carbonated drinks, milkshakes, fruit juices, etc.
  • Egg yolk, red meat, ham, bacon, etc.


Time for Action


From the diet for diabetes to foods to avoid or limit above is prepared by the dietitian. So, you can plan healthy living without any worry even with diabetes. Further, for any help or query, you can discuss it with the dietitians to get the best solution out of your problems.


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