Seasonal Flu in Babies : Know How to Deal With It By Dr. Roli Munshi


Fever is one of the most common symptoms that worries every parent about their kid. Toddlers get multiple episodes of fever in a year. Majorly these episodes are common cold and seasonal flu. It is common for every mother to get confused that how to manage these fever episodes where the babies became more cranky and irritated. Continue reading to know how to manage these seasonal flu in babies.


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How Do I Know if it’s flu and not just a cold?



It’s not always easy to recognize that the baby is having flu or normal cold. Flu symptoms in babies are usually quite similar to symptoms of other illnesses, such as a cold.

However, your baby is more likely to have flu if he suddenly gets a fever, which is a temperature of 100.4 degrees F or higher.



What are the Symptoms of Seasonal Flu in Babies?



Symptoms of seasonal flu in babies may include:



  • Tiredness


  • Chills


  • Runny or blocked nose


  • Dry cough and sore throat


  • Diarrhea and vomiting


  • Lack of appetite


  • Trouble sleeping



  • Aching muscles and joints



Flu symptoms often come on quite quickly. If congestion or a cough shows up some time before the fever, it’s more likely that your baby has a cold.



Flu is usually most common during seasonal changes and winter. So try to make sure you’re extra careful during those times of the year.



How can I ease the symptoms of Seasonal Flu in Babies?



Babies with flu simply need sleep and plenty of liquids. So try to give your baby lots of breastfeeds or formula feeds. If your baby has already started eating solid foods, rice kanji, dal ka paani, runny khichdi, and soups are great ways to give to the fluids.



For muscle fever and aches, you can give your baby infant paracetamol. Your pediatrician will prescribe the right dosage of the medicine, according to your child’s age and weight. Don’t give ibuprofen to your child without consulting your pediatrician.



Seasonal Flu in babies is caused by a virus so it can’t be treated by the antibiotics. Usually, most cough and cold medicines are not recommended for babies under two years, So consult to your doctor before giving any medicines to your kid.



Honey and cow’s milk is not recommended to babies under one. So, don’t try any remedies like turmeric powder mixed in milk (haldi doodh) or honey to try to ease your baby. Always discuss to with your doctor before trying any home remedies.



The viral or seasonal flu in babies usually runs its course and your baby should start to feel better within around three days to five days. Some babies feel achy tired and for longer though. Your baby will need lots of hugs from you then he gets better naturally.


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When should I Consult to the Doctor?



Viral flu can cause complications as well like pneumonia, so contact your pediatrician at the first sign of sickness. It became more important if your baby is younger than three months old.



If your baby’s older than three months, then consult your pediatrician, if you spot any of the following signs:


  • His temperature is higher than 102.2 degrees F, rises suddenly, or is higher than normal for more than three days.


  • His symptoms last for around five days.


  • You started noticing a rash on his body.



  • If your baby faces a lingering cough that lasts for around than a week.


  • He seems to recover but then becomes ill again.



Of course, if you’re at all concerned about any of your baby’s other symptoms, it’s always best to see your doctor at the earliest, just to be on the safe side.



Can my Baby Have the Flu Vaccine?



The flu vaccine is optional in India. It is up to you that you want to give it to your child or not. But, it is recommended to provide give the vaccine to your kid, it can help them to fight some of the viruses.



Keep in mind that the flu vaccine has only two or three viruses in it, hence, it may protect your child only against these two or three viruses. Your child could still catch the viral flu from a different strain of the virus.



However, the vaccine is produced each year to protect your child from the most common strains of the virus that are spreading that year. This is why it is a vaccine that needs to be given each year.





As a bottom line, it is recommended seasonal flu in babies is continues more than 5 days and the temperature raises then more than 100.4 degrees F or your baby is younger then 3 months then you should contact to your pediatric to avoid the complications.


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