Are You Experiencing Side Effects of Taking Medicine Regularly?

Tanuja Bisht

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Have you ever had an unexpected reaction from your medicine that you are taking on the regular basis? If yes then this is commonly known as a side effect.


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Side effects of taking medicine regularly can occur with prescription or over-the-counter medications. For example, your doctor prescribes you lisinopril, a medicine used to treat high blood pressure. However, very soon after starting the treatment, you will notice a dry cough. This particular cough is a side effect of the medication. Although lisinopril works, to control your blood pressure, also giving a side effect.


Are You Experiencing Side Effects of Taking Medicine Regularly?




Side effects of taking medicine regularly may vary depending on your state of health. A person’s age, weight, gender, ethnicity, and other factors may also play a role. Significant and frequent side effects are listed in the printed information that people receive each time they make a prescription.


Side effects can occur at any time. They may occur during the first dose of a drug, with dose changes, abrupt or early cessation of treatment. If you are taking other prescription or over-the-counter products, drug interactions can also cause side effects.


Your doctor and pharmacist take these side effects seriously. Indeed, these effects can often cause patients to not take the medication as prescribed or to discontinue it completely. If you are about to start a new medicine and you are worried about possible side effects, ask your doctor or pharmacist about symptoms, which you should look out for what to do if they occur.


If you are concerned that a side effect is interfering with your daily life, your health, or taking you to stop taking these medicines than talk to your doctor or pharmacist.




How Can I Be Sure That What I am ­Feeling is a Side Effect of Taking Medicine Regularly?


Most drugs come with an information booklet listing known side effects. These lists are usually very long, but no one will have all the difficulties mentioned. If you are worried about your medications, talk to your doctor, nurse or pharmacist.


Sometimes what you think is a side effect may be something else. For example, your high blood pressure medications may react with other medications that you are taking. Make sure your doctor or nurse is aware of the medications you are taking. These include herbal medicines and over-the-counter treatments such as cold remedies.


Other times, what you feel cannot be related to your blood pressure medications. What you can think of is that a side effect could easily be a virus or an infection.


Are You Experiencing Side Effects of Taking Medicine Regularly?




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How Can I Get Rid of ­Side Effects of Taking Medicine Regularly?


If you have side effects of taking medicine regularly, you may be tempted to stop taking your medicine. Do not do this without talking to your doctor or nurse. Stopping your medications will raise your disease again, which will lead to serious health problems.


Many side effects go away over time as your body adjusts to the medications you take. When you are younger, you can take them to keep health under control. However, if you have trouble keeping up with your daily life, your doctor or nurse can help you.


You may be able to take a lower dose of your medicine alone or with another medicine. Taking two or more medications at lower doses can be as effective for lowering blood pressure as for a high dose of medication and causing fewer side effects.


Alternatively, your doctor or nurse may completely change your medication. There is a wide range of high blood pressure medications, and just because one drug has side effects does not mean that everyone will do it.





Side effects of taking medicine regularly can happen with almost any medicine like they’re common with everything from birth control pills to cancer-fighting chemotherapy drugs. Well, for example, many prescription drugs can cause stomach problems like nausea, diarrhea, or constipation because they pass through the digestive system.


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