10 Signs of Burnout at Work – Stop It & Take A Action

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Are you one of them who feel burnout at work? If yes, then you are not the only one, many millennial are experiencing job burnout before they even turn 30. It happens due to exhaustion, lack of motivation or frustration. Well, it’s also true that every frustration is not a sign of burnout at work, but if it continues for a long time with some other signs and symptoms than it is a sign of burnout at work. Continue reading, to know all signs of burnout at work along with it causes.


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Burnout at work, What it is?



According to the American Psychological Association burnout is an extended period of time where someone experiences exhaustion and a lack of interest in things, resulting in a decline in their job performance.”



Unchecked burnout can wreak havoc on your health, relationships, happiness, and job performance. In order to know the burnout and taking action against it early, it’s important to know what to look out for.




10 Signs of Burnout at Work



Here are the 10 Signs of Burnout at Work which can make you completely exhausted and remove your interest from your work which can affect your performance.



1. Exhaustion


One of the Most common signs of burnout is you feel tired all the time. Exhaustion can be emotional, mental or physical. It’s the sense of not having any energy.



2. Lack of Motivation


When you don’t experience enthusiastic about anything or you no longer have any motivation for your work, there’s a good chance you’re experiencing burnout. It became harder to get going in the morning and even became more difficult to drag yourself into work every day.



3. Frustration and Other Negative Emotions


You may experience like what you’re doing doesn’t matter to anymore, or you may be disappointed with everything. You might notice that you feel more usually pessimistic than you used to. Well, negative emotions are common from time to time, it’s important to know when these are becoming unusual for you.



4. Cognitive Problems



Burnout may affect your ability to pay attention or concentrate. When you are stressed, your attention narrows to focus on the negative element that we perceive as a threat. When stress becomes chronic, this narrow focus continues for a long time and we feel difficulty in paying attention to other things as well.



5. Slipping Job Performance



One more sign of burnout at work is your performance. Compare your job performance now to your performance in the last years. Because burnout tends to happen over a long period of time, taking this long-term view might reveal whether you’re in a temporary phase or experiencing more chronic burnout.



6. Interpersonal Problems at Home and at Work



This tends to play out in one of these given ways: (a) You’re having more conflicts with your colleagues and family members, like getting into arguments, or (b) you stop talking to your coworkers and family members.



7. Not Taking Care of Yourself


While suffering from burnout, some people choose some of the unhealthy ways to coping up such as drinking too much, smoking, being too sedentary, not eating enough or not getting enough sleep, eating too much junk food.




8. Being Preoccupied With Work, When You’re Not at Work



Even though you might not be working at a given moment, if you’re expanding mental energy ponding over your job, then your work is interfering with your ability to recover from the stresses of your day.


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9. Generally Decreased Satisfaction



Decreased satisfaction is a tendency to feel less satisfied and happy with your career and with your home life. You might experience dissatisfied or even interested when it comes to whatever is going on at home, in the community or with your social activities.




10. Health Problems



Over an extended time, serious chronic stress can lead to health problems such as digestive issues, depression, heart disease, and obesity.



What are the Causes of Burnout at Work?



Burnout at work can make you distracted from your work even for a long period of time and can affect your performance at your workplace. Here are some factors which can make you burn out at your work:



Lack of control. An inability to influence decisions which can affect your jobs like your schedule, assignments or workload. These causes could lead to burnout at work.



Unclear Job Expectations. If you’re not clear about your authorities or what your supervisor or others expect from you, you’re not likely to feel comfortable at work.



Dysfunctional Workplace Dynamics. Perhaps you work with an office bully, or you experience undermined by colleagues or your boss micromanages the work done by you. It can lead to job stress.



Extremes of Activity. When a job is chaotic or monotonous, you need constant energy to stay focused, that can lead to burnout and fatigue job.



Lack of Social Support. If you feel isolated at your workplace as well as in your personal life, you might experience more stressed.



Work-life Imbalance. If your work takes up most of your time and effort that you don’t have the energy to spend time with your friends and family, you might burn out more quickly.







Everyone wants to do focus and wants to perform well at their workplace, but sometimes it gets difficult even to get up and go to work. If it happens once, it is completely ok, but if it happens rapidly you should not ignore it. It can be a sign of burnout at work. You need a counselor to cope up with that.


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