Know The Signs of Vision Problems in a Baby!

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Eyesight is very important, no one is having any doubt about that. As your baby grows, they start exploring their surroundings, they may walk into furniture or walls. You may start to think, is something wrong with him, how is he/she experiencing the world? Are there any signs of vision problems in a baby?


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While some behaviors are typical to a baby or a toddler, certainly, there is a possibility that your child may have a problem with their vision. After all, a large number of vision issues start at a young age and may persist into adulthood if left untreated.



Even if you don’t notice any signs of vision problems in the baby, your child should have an eye exam between 1 to 2 years of age.




What Are the Signs of Vision Problems in Baby I Should be Looking For?



Babies with vision problems have likely never experienced perfect vision. As such, it’s not likely for them to communicate with you that they’re experiencing trouble. That is, after all, if they can talk.


Thankfully, there are a few signs you can keep an eye out for to determine whether or not your child is having difficulty seeing properly.


Common Symptoms & Signs of Vision Problems in Baby:

Ask yourself the following questions when looking for signs that your child may be having problems with their vision:


  • Is your child unusually clumsy?


  • Does your child fail to notice his or her surroundings?


  • Are they squinting in low-light environments?


  • Does your child consistently rub his or her eyes, even when they’re not tired?


  • Do your child’s eyes tear excessively when they are not crying?


  • Does your child experience frequent eye infections? Swollen eyelids?


  • Do your child’s eyes bulge, bounce, or dance with regular movements?


  • Does your child cover one eye or shut one when focusing on an object?


  • Do your child avoid play that requires good vision, such as looking at books?


  • Does your child sit extremely close to the television?


  • Do your child’s eyes appear mismatched or crossed?


  • Have you noticed their pupils are not the same size or do they appear white instead of black?


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What are the Warning Signs of Vision Problems in Baby?



Babies Up to 1 Year of Age:


Babies older than 3 months can follow or track an object, like a ball or toy, with their eyes as it moves across their field of vision. If your baby seems unable to see or can’t make steady eye contact by this time, then let your pediatric know.


Before 4 months, most babies eyes occasionally look strabismus(misaligned). However, after 4 months, outward drifting or inward crossing that occurs regularly is not normal. If you feel any one of these is present, then consult your doctor.


Preschool Age:


If your child’s eyes become misaligned, let your pediatric know right away. However, Some vision problems like the lazy eye (amblyopia) may have no warning signs and maybe your child not report any vision problems. That is why it’s important at this time to have your child’s vision checked.





Here, we have discussed the Signs of Vision Problems in a baby. As we all that eyesight is very important for anyone, when it’s comes to your baby we can not ignore it. So, if you have seen any of the above mention symptoms or any warning signs, then you should go to your child’s doctor and talk. Even you didn’t find any Signs of Vision Problems in Baby then also go for the eye checkup between 1 to 2 year of age.


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