10 Early Warning Signs Your Blood Sugar is SUPER High

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Are you dealing with high blood sugar? If yes, then you should read this blog, it would definitely help you out. If you are a diabetic patient then you might be restricted to make certain choices, for example- what to eat, what to drink and your lifestyle. In this entire blog, we are sharing 10 early warning signs your blood sugar is SUPER high and which food items you can have easily.


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Signs Your Blood Sugar is SUPER High


There are 10 early warning signs if your blood sugar is SUPER High. If you are dealing with these signs and symptoms so consult a diabetologist as earlier as you can:



1. Fatigue


Feeling extremely tired, weak, or fatigued are non-specific symptoms and may also be signs of low blood sugar. But it’s important to get any fatigue checked out that doesn’t go away with adequate rest.



2. Extreme Headache


Headaches are incredibly common, so it helps to know what kind of headache you’re dealing with (migraines, for instance). However, any new, chronic headache deserves to be discussed with your doctor.



3. Frequent Urination


That extra glucose can also affect your kidneys, which are responsible for removing the excess water from your blood to produce urine. Having too much glucose in your blood can damage blood vessels in your kidneys, which makes this filtering process less efficient and causes you to pee more.



4. Blurred Vision


Excess amounts of glucose in your blood can end up affecting your retina, causing a condition called diabetic retinopathy. As a result, you might notice blurred vision and extra floaters.



5. Feeling Hungry


People with diabetes often do not get enough energy from the food they eat. The digestive system breaks food down into a simple sugar called glucose, which the body uses as fuel. In people with diabetes, not enough of this glucose moves from the bloodstream into the body’s cells. As a result, people with type 2 diabetes often feel constantly hungry, regardless of how recently they have eaten.



6. Increased Thirst


The frequent urination that is necessary to remove excess sugar from the blood can result in the body losing additional water. Over time, this can cause dehydration and lead to a person feeling more thirsty than usual.



Patches of dark skin forming on the creases of the neck, armpit, or groin can also signify a higher risk of diabetes. These patches may feel very soft and velvety. This skin condition is known as acanthosis nigricans.




8. Itching and Yeast Infections


Excess sugar in the blood and urine provides food for yeast, which can lead to infection. Yeast infections tend to occur on warm, moist areas of the skin, such as the mouth, genital areas, and armpits. The affected areas are usually itchy, but a person may also experience burning, redness, and soreness.



9. Tingling, Numbness, or Pain in the Hands or Feet


High blood sugar levels can affect blood circulation and damage the body’s nerves. In people with type 2 diabetes, this can lead to pain or a sensation of tingling or numbness in the hands and feet. This condition is known as neuropathy, and it can worsen over time and lead to more serious complications if a person does not get treatment for their diabetes.



10. Slow Healing of Cuts and Wounds


High levels of sugar in the blood can damage the body’s nerves and blood vessels, which can impair blood circulation. As a result, even small cuts and wounds may take weeks or months to heal. Slow wound healing also increases the risk of infection.


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What is the Best Drink for High Blood Sugar?



There are some drinks which help to make your blood sugar level normal.



  • Vegetable Juice



  • Unsweetened Tea



  • Low Fat Milk



  • Unsweetened Coffee



  • Orange Juice



  • Apple Cider



What Should we Eat for Breakfast if we have High Blood Sugar?


Here, some food items which you can easily have while high blood sugar level. These food items make your High Sugar level normal.



  • Oatmeal



  • Eggs



  • Muesli



  • Greek Yogurt



  • Whole-Grain Cereal



  • Leafy greens





To make yourself healthy and fit you have to watch this blog. In this, we have talked about 10 Early Warning Signs Your Blood Sugar is SUPER High. And it’s signs and symptoms, what to eat and drink tips. But if you feel any of the above warning signs then immediately consult a diabetologist as soon as possible.



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