Sitting Crossed Leg: Is Crossing Your Legs Dangerous?

Divya Tripathi

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Are you also one of them who love to sit with the crossed leg? Sitting crossed-leg is considered as the most stylish, attractive and elegant posture, but it has been liked with many negative health effects as well. Probably, many of us are not aware that this sitting posture can cause major damage to legs. From increasing blood pressure to causing varicose veins, this ‘lady-like’ sitting position can be the cause for many health issues. Let’s have a look at some more dangerous effects of sitting with crossed-leg.


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6 Negative Health Effect of Sitting Crossed Leg:


1. Pregnancy:



Sitting Crossed Leg: Is Crossing Your Legs Dangerous?


While pregnancy, the body goes through with many physical changes. As the uterus stretches, the center of gravity of the body also shifts forward. You may find yourself walking, standing, and sitting completely differently than you usually do.


Muscles strains, cramps, and backaches are all common during pregnancy. While sitting crossed legs, it won’t hurt your baby, but it can contribute to leg cramps or ankle swelling. So, try to sit with both the feet on the floor or elevated on a stool.


2. High Blood Pressure:



Sitting Crossed Leg: Is Crossing Your Legs Dangerous?



You might notice that, when you get your blood pressure tested, you’re asked to place both feet on the floor. This is because crossing one of your legs over the other can cause a temporary rise in your blood pressure.


According to the study, the blood pressure is increased, when a person crosses his legs at the knee level. But, there was no spike in blood pressure when you crossed your legs from the ankle.


According to the study, the claim that crossing your legs can raise your blood pressure, for a short period of time. However, if you already have high blood pressure, try to avoid spending long periods of time with your sitting crossed leg to be safe.


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3. Spider Veins:


Sitting Crossed Leg: Is Crossing Your Legs Dangerous?


The unwanted pressure on your veins increases when you sit crossed leg. It’s not only increases your blood flow but also causes the vessels to weaken. This can ultimately result in blood collection in the legs and make the veins swell, which is called spider veins.


4. Peroneal Nerve Paralysis or Palsy:



Sitting Crossed Leg: Is Crossing Your Legs Dangerous?


The peroneal nerve is the major nerve in the leg that passes just below the knee and along the outside of the leg. If you sit cross-legged for a long period of time, it can cause some extra pressure on the peroneal nerve. It can cause numbness and temporary paralysis of some of the muscles in your foot as well as the leg.


5. Blood Circulation:



Sitting Crossed Leg: Is Crossing Your Legs Dangerous?


Sitting crossed leg can greatly impact your blood circulation. This is because when you put your one leg over the other, it pumps a larger amount of blood into the heart which negatively impacts blood circulation.


6. Pelvic Imbalance:


Sitting in a crossed-leg position can lead to pelvic imbalance as well because this position can impact your inner and outer thigh muscles. This could also put your leg-joints at risk.




So, if you sit crossed leg for a long time then avoid it from today. It can affect your health negatively. And ensure that in whatever position you use to sit, do not use to sit in the same position for a long period of time. Keep on changing your sitting position and whenever you sit, sit in the right posture.

If you are feeling any of the above symptoms then consult your doctor without any delay, else it can create a serious health problem.


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