Stress Fractures in Foot – A Common Injury in Sports

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Have you ever felt a spontaneous pain on your feet or the lower part of your leg, especially after any rigorous physical activity? It may be a stress fracture, it is a small break in the bone which usually occurs in the bones of the foot and lower leg. Today, we are going to exploring the Stress Fractures in Foot along with its symptoms and causes.


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What is a stress fracture in Foot?


A small break in the bone is known as a stress fracture in the foot. A thin crack develops from the repetitive force, which is usually caused by overuse. Usually, the stress fractures occur in the bones of the lower leg and foot, which carry your body weight.


The most common places of stress fractures are the second and third metatarsals of the foot. It also occurs in the heel, in the outer bone of the lower leg, and in the navicular



What are the Common Symptoms of a Stress Fracture in the foot?



The symptoms of this fracture include the following:



  • Minor pain in the area where the break is located.


  • Pain deep within the foot, ankle, or toe.


  • Pinpoint pain


  • Swelling on top of the foot or in the ankle.


  • Pain that occurs during or after regular activity.


  • Pain that is brought on by activity and relieved by rest.




What are the Causes of Stress Fracture in Foot?



It generally results from increasing the intensity or amount of an activity too quickly.



Gradually bone adapts the increased loads through remodeling, it is a normal process that speeds up when the load on the bone increases. During remodeling, bone tissue is resorption then rebuilt.

Bones subjected to unusual force without enough time for recovery cells faster than your body can replace them, which makes you more susceptible to this fractures.


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What are the Risk factors of Stress Fracture in Foot?


These are the common factors that can increase your risk of stress fractures include:



Certain Sports. It is more common in people who participate in sports like basketball, tennis, dance or gymnastics.


Increased Activity. It usually occurs in people who suddenly shift from a sedentary lifestyle to a physically active lifestyle or who rapidly increase the intensity, duration or frequency of training sessions.


Sex. Usually, women those who have absent or abnormal menstrual periods, are at higher risk of developing it.


Foot problems. People with flat feet or high are more likely to develop stress fractures. Worn footwear contributes to the problem too.


Weakened bones. some bone conditions like osteoporosis can weaken your bones and make it easier for stress fractures to occur. Having one or more stress fractures puts you at higher risk of having more.


Lack of Nutrients. Lack of vitamin D and eating disorders and calcium can make bones more likely to develop stress fractures.




What are the Preventions of Stress Fracture?



Simple ways which can help you prevent stress fractures.



  • Make changes slowly. Start any new physical activity like exercise program or sport slowly and progress gradually.



  • Use Proper Footwear. wear fit shoes and are appropriate for your activity. If you have flat feet, consult your doctor about arch supports for your shoes.






Here we have discussed stress fracture which usually occurs in your foot or the lower part of your leg. If you face the above mention symptoms then don’t ignore and consult to your doctor for proper treatment.


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