Don’t Avoid 15 Symptoms of Elementary Kidney Problems

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The kidney problem can be – Kidney stones etc but it gets worse when your kidneys get damaged and can’t filter blood the way they should. If the condition is not treated properly then it creates the disease which is called “chronic” because the damage to your kidneys happens slowly over a long period of time. This damage can cause wastes to build up in the body. Today we are going to discuss 15 Symptoms of Elementary Kidney Problems and how to manage it.


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What are Kidney Problems?



Chronic kidney disease (CKD) means when the kidneys are damaged and can’t filter blood the way they should. The disease is called “chronic” because the damage to your kidneys happens slowly and steadily over a long period of time. The kidneys’ main function is to filter the extra water and wastes out of the blood to make urine.


What are the Symptoms of Elementary Kidney problems?


These symptoms are very normal and it may be caused by other illnesses. However, if they are related to kidney disease they may gradually worsen as kidney function declines.


There are 15 symptoms of elementary kidney problems:



  • Changes in the appearance of the urine (for example, frothy or foaming urine)


  • Blood in the urine


  • Puffiness in the legs, ankles or around the eyes


  • Pain in the kidney area


  • Tiredness


  • Loss of appetite


  • Difficulty sleeping



  • Lack of concentration


  • Itching


  • Shortness of breath


  • Nausea and vomiting


  • Bad breath and a metallic taste in the mouth


  • Muscle cramps


Can kidneys Heal on their Own?


If tubules are damaged they can be repaired but if the damage is severe enough the nephron may be destroyed. Unfortunately, the kidney can regenerate and recover, but the kidney cannot make new nephrons, and in that context, its regeneration is limited.


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What Vitamin is Good for Kidneys?



Calcium carbonate is a good additive for calcium and phosphorus control. Vitamin K is important in blood clotting. There is no proof that kidney dialysis patients need vitamin K supplementation. The vitamins B are B1, B2, B6, B12, biotin, pantothenic acid, niacin, and folic acid.


How can you Improve your Kidney Function Naturally?


5 simple lifestyle steps can help you keep them in good shape


1. Stay hydrated


2. Eat healthily


3. Watch your blood pressure


4. Don’t smoke or drink too much alcohol


5. Keep slim to help your kidneys



Which Food Items are Good for Kidneys?



There are some food items which are really good for kidneys.



1. Red bell peppers



2. Cabbage



3. Garlic



4. Onions



5. Cranberries



6. Apples



7. Blueberries



8. Raspberries



9. Red grapes



10. Egg whites





As we have discussed in the blog, Don’t Avoid 15 Symptoms of Elementary Kidney Problems and its symptoms, ways to heal and what to eat in this condition. The best way to cure this problem is to manage your health via foods and daily lifestyle. If you feel that your condition gets worse then consult a doctor as earlier as you can.



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