7 Useful Tips For Parenting During the Lock-down

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It’s been more than 3 months, schools are closed, kids are in their houses and not allowed to move out of their houses. So, here comes a bigger responsibility comes to the parent’s shoulder to indulge or engage their kids in the activities where they learn something meaningful.


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Everyone across the world is living their own strange reality these days, but parents of under-10s are perhaps going through their most puzzling and challenging parenting phase yet. But here we have some tips for parenting during the lock-down.


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Tips For Parenting during the lock-down


Here we are going to share some simple tips for parenting during lockdown that can help to manage your child’s loneliness and make them engage in the home only.


1. Answering innocent questions


If your kid asks so many questions about the scenario then, we must always pass the correct information in a way that they shouldn’t feel insecure about the whole scenario. Also, give them examples of positive work being done to come out of the situation. It can be one of the tips for parenting during Lock-down.


2. Be Sensitive


Be more sensitive towards your kids when they miss their peers. Give them some options to interact with each other, like make them have a video call under your supervision.


3. Set a Routine plan


Let them share their daily routines and activities and the newly developed interests.


4. Make this as a Family Time


Utilize this time to establish a bond and friendship with your children which otherwise wouldn’t have been possible in this competitive world.


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5. Its an Activity Time


This is the time to develop an activity which you could share with your children like baking a cake or painting. It might provide them with some stability and also allow them to share their feelings. It is also imperative to create a safe environment for a healthy conversation of the crisis and how they are being affected by it.


6. Talk About Preventive Measures


Make them learn the preventive measures to protect them against COVID-19 and teach them the value of good hygiene to be maintained post-pandemic as well.


7. Responsive Caregiving


Last but not least practice responsive caregiving. Listen to them very carefully and give a response accordingly. It is one of the important tips for parenting during the lock-down.


Here we share 7 most important tips for parenting during the lock-down. We should end up getting irritated and reacting to children in various situations. But let’s be a little more responsible don’t make them learn the wrong behavior. Always remember in all situations, respond to your children and not react is the key to good parenting.


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