Tips to Prevent Yourself From Air Pollution Post Diwali

Divya Tripathi

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Air Pollution post-Diwali, it would be very difficult to go out for a morning walk or enjoy the playtime with the kids in the park. The rhyme of little baby changes from “rain rain go away” to “pollution pollution go away”. This is the condition of most cities in India due to the cracker burning on the Diwali day. The festival of lights Diwali is converted into a festival of crackers and oxygen the carrier of life converts into a carrier of harmful gases. Here is an insight to be safe from air pollution post-Diwali.


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Post-Diwali, The particulate matter, the air is filled with the highly hazardous mixture of poisonous gases. This PM can penetrate your bloodstream and can badly affect your heart, eyes, lungs, and skin. The particulate matter 2.5 air pollutant level also increases, which is tiny enough to enter even the smallest airways. Specialists compare this level of air pollution to smoking almost 40 cigarettes a day, which is very dangerous to breathe. So, here we have some tips to guard you and your family health Air Pollution Post Diwali.


Tips to Prevent Yourself from Air Pollution Post Diwali:

Boost Immunity:

Tips to Prevent Yourself From Air Pollution Post Diwali


Immunity plays an important role in the fight with any external bodies, So it becomes important to boost your immune system for you and your little ones to fight this phase. To boost your immunity increase the intake of fruits, water, and vegetables rich in Vitamin C. Staying hydrated will help you to get rid of toxins. Similarly, Vitamin C rich diet increases the antioxidant supply. Try to add more nuts, apricots, broccoli, and beans in your meal plan.


Plants and More Plants:


Tips to Prevent Yourself From Air Pollution Post Diwali


One of the main reasons for the increase in air pollution is the constant fall in the number of trees and greenery in cities. So, it is the need of the time to start planting inside as well as the outside the house. The greater the greenery the better, the quality of oxygen. There are so many indoor plants too that can help to improve the air quality.


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Face Mask & Air Purifiers:


Tips to Prevent Yourself From Air Pollution Post Diwali


Buy a high-quality face mask and air purifier it will help you to protect your lungs from the polluted air. You can buy N95 or N99 rated face masks that helps you to protect yourself against the harmful particles in the air. You can also buy air purifiers for your home. It will protect your home from harmful particles of the air.


Check Air Quality Index:


Tips to Prevent Yourself From Air Pollution Post Diwali


Try to avoid venturing outside as much as possible, especially during the time of early morning and late evening. However, if you are not able to avoid going outside, then check the AQI (air quality index) and plan your travel accordingly. But, as far as possible, avoid outdoor workouts and activities for a few days’ to avoid air pollution post-Diwali.


Well, we should follow these tips to prevent ourselves from air pollution post-Diwali. But we should keep these facts also in our mind that we are also the ones who burn crackers and become a part to increase air pollution. So, be a responsible citizen and don’t burn crackers. Celebrate the festival as a festival of light.


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