A Healthy and Nutritious Food for a 6-Month Baby

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One of the biggest milestones of a baby’s first year is the completion of the 6 months. This time is important for the baby as well as the mother because it is the right time to start solid food for a 6-month baby. There are so many changes occurs in the feeding habits of a baby. babies are not only depending on exclusive breastfeeding (in some cases, formula feeding). Also, it is time to introduce water to babies.


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Precaution Before Starting Food For A 6-Month Baby:


Here are some common precautions that every mother keep in mind while introducing first solid Food For A 6-Month Baby:


  • Start giving solids in the form of fruit puree, as it’s easy to digest.
  • Always remember and follow 3 days-wait-rule. According to this rule, you have to keep a gap of 3 days between two new foods. This is one of the best ways to check any food allergies in your baby. Stop giving that food in case you feel any food allergy to your baby.
  • Always give solids yo your baby while sitting in the chair or lap.
  • Don’t add any formula milk or breastmilk while cooking, these should not be put directly on the heat. Add these when food is ready to eat.
  • Baby food should be soft and easy to chew.
  • Start giving a very small quantity of food and slowly increase the amount.
  • Weaning food must be single grain food.
  • Always give fresh food to your baby.
  • Do not add salt, sugar, honey to the baby’s food until one.
  • Introduce new food when a baby is with you and home.
  • Solids can lead to constipation in a few babies.
  • You need to take care of some foods while giving to the baby before he completed one year.
  • Don’t feed your baby forcefully, increase the amount slowly.


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Food For 6-Month Baby:


Here are some healthy food for a 6-month baby you can include in their daily routine:


Fruits Puree:


You can steam the food and mashed it to make a pureed while introducing for the first time. For the first you can take foods like apples, bananas, pear, avocado, chikoo, and peaches can be given.


Vegetable Puree:


You can add vegetables like potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, french beans, sweet pumpkin, etc. can be steamed and make it as a puree.


Pulses Soup:


You can use a variety of pulses, like dals. Boil the dal with water and make the soup.


Rice Porridge:


Rice is one of the best food as a first solid food for your baby, it is enriched with carbohydrates and vitamins for babies. You can make rice porridge with the breastmilk or formula milk.


Vegetable Soup:


You can give vegetables soup to your baby, you can boil the vegetable within the water, and can be given as soup.




Well, cow’s milk is not recommended for the babies until one, but you can give unsweetened yogurt to your baby as an option.


Well, here we have discussed some common food for the 6-month baby. Every child is different, and their needs too, so start giving solids to your baby when your baby is ready and consult your pediatrician before making any changes to your kid’s diet. Naïve parenting can be tough. Always be in touch with the pediatrician near you. It helps to maintain proper health of your child.


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