7 Easiest tips to raise a healthy child

Divya Tripathi

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There was a time when we live in a joint family and a child grows in the shelter of all family members and learn a lot from them. But nowadays we live in a nuclear family and in most of them, both of the parents are working.


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They don’t have enough time to spend their child. As a parent, we are always concerned about how to raise a healthy child. So, let’s explore some amazing ways to know how to raise a healthy and happy child.


Tips to raise a healthy child


1. Play Active Games to raise a healthy child


Daily physical activity for an hour is enough to stay fit and healthy. So why not spend this time with your kids. Here are some ultimate ideas for active things you can do with your child:

  • Play hopscotch.
  • Bounce a balloon in the air.
  • Play tickle monster.
  • Blow bubbles so your child can chase them.
  • Kick a soccer ball or play catch.
  • Go for walks together.


2. Replace Screen Time with Active Time to raise a healthy child


TV and web surfing eat up many hours of your child. You can ask your child to utilize this time in doing some physical activity. Meanwhile, food ads barrage him with images of tempting, unhealthy foods.

Pay attention and realize how much time you and your child spend in front of a screen.
Takeout the TV and computer from your child’s room.
Set a time limit to watching TV time either on a daily basis or weekly. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, this time should not be exceeding than 2 hours.
Plan activities to replace TV watching.



3. Plan for Healthy Meals to raise a healthy child


Motivate your child to have healthy food and avoid fast food. To do this first of all you have to follow this, children learn faster when they saw you do the same.

Buy healthy and convenient foods.
Frozen vegetables and fruits can “health up” a family meal with little effort.


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4. Make nutrition fun to raise a healthy child


Cooking with kids is always fun. Apart from this, there are various reasons to get your kids involved in planning and making healthy meals with you. Kids love to eat something they help prepare, and they might learn about where food comes from along the way. The things you can do together are:

Use cookie cutters to make food in interesting shapes.
Use fruits and vegetables to make meals colorful and interesting.


5. Slowly swap out unhealthy foods to raise a healthy child


It is not like that you have to swap your kitchen at once, do it slowly.  Start with a few low-key substitutions and build from there. For example:

Cook with olive oil instead of butter.
Replace white rice with brown rice.
Phase-out high-sugar cereals and bring some less-sugary options.
Serve water, low-fat milk, or small amounts of juice instead of soda.
Add pureed vegetables instead of cheese to pasta sauce.


6. Change the food environment to raise a healthy and happy child


The smell of tempting food can make you believe you’re hungry, even when you just ate. You don’t have to swear off cookies and ice cream forever, but you should avoid eating these on a daily basis. A few environmental changes can help you put the lid on unhealthy urges.

Keep high-sugar, high-fat snacks in the place where it is hard to see and reach.
Replace the cookie jar with an inviting bowl of fresh fruit.
Serve meals on smaller plates to keep portions in check.



7. Be a Role Model of Healthy Eating and Physical Activity to raise a healthy child


In so many families, being inactive and living on a sugary and fat diet is normal. Whatever your current status, it’s never too late to make a family commitment to healthy change. As a parent, your child will be going to follow you, so here are some simple changes that you can try:

Make healthy habits a priority.
Keep the conversation positive
Get your kids involved.




Here, we have discussed some simple tips to raise your child healthy. Everyone should follow these tips it is not only good for your kids but even it can also help you to improve your health as well.


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