Top 7 Ankle Synovitis Exercises

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Today, we will discuss ankle synovitis exercises. But before talking about the exercise, let’s talk about ankle synovitis and the concept of exercises.


Ankle synovitis is a type of condition that is characterized by the inflammation of the soft tissue lining in the ankle joint capsule, which is also known as synovium which results in ankle swelling, stiffness, and pain.


Exercise is a physical activity that generally improves or maintains one’s physical condition and one’s health and well-being.


It is done for many reasons, including increased growth and development, prevention of aging, strengthening of the muscles and cardiovascular system, improvement of athletic ability, loss or maintenance of weight, and also pleasure.


Many people choose to work outdoors, where they can regroup, socialize, and improve their well-being.


Following are top 7 ankle synovitis exercises including;


  • Hopping exercise
  • Active ankle mobility exercise
  • Ankle plantar flexion exercise
  • Foot and ankle up and down
  • Foot and ankle in and out
  • Foot and ankle circles
  • Lunge stretch



1. Hopping exercises


The hopping exercises are important for improvement in the late stages of several sports. The exercise helps to improve balance, explosive strength, and proprioception.


The exercise also helps in producing and improving the ability, especially the ankle, the limb, and the hips.


How to do the exercise-


  • Attach a line of cones in front of you. Take a relaxed and balanced foot position on one leg. Lift the knee of your opposite leg. This will be your starting position.
  • Advance, jump, and land with the same leg on the cone.
  • Use a game jump to jump from cone to cone.
  • In the end, go back and return to the other leg.
Hopping exercise

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2. Active ankle mobility exercise


These exercises will help you to increase movement at the joint as well as pumping the ankle up and down will help reduce the swelling. Exercises can be performed standing or seated.


If a person faces an ankle sprain then only up and down movements should be done initially while protecting the lateral ligaments at the side of the ankle.


How to do the exercise:


  • These active motion exercises can be performed seated which will help in improving the flexibility of the ankle after an injury.
  • While doing the exercise the person should pump the ankle up and down and write the alphabet with the help of his/her toes It also helps in decreasing swelling, especially when it is performed in an elevated position.
Active ankle mobility exercise

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3. Ankle plantar flexion exercise


Plantar flexion movement occurs at the ankle joint. Plantar flexion occurs when the foot and toes are pointed down and dorsiflexion is pulling the foot up. The easiest and simplest way to do the plantarflexion exercises is by doing calf raises.

Ankle plantar flexion exercise

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4. Foot and ankle up and down exercise


The foot and ankle up and down exercise mainly helps in improving the strength, movement, and control of the foot. The exercise can be done while sitting or standing. It is the easiest exercise for the ankles.

Foot and ankle up and down exercise

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5. Foot and ankle in and out exercise


The foot and ankle in and out exercise are similar to the foot and ankle up and down exercise which help in improving the strength, movement, and control of the foot. The exercise can be done while sitting and stretching the legs on the front side and doing in and out of ankles.

Foot and ankle in and out exercise



6. Foot and ankle circles exercise


In this exercise, you just have to make circles with the help of your foot. This exercise can be done in sitting and standing positions. In this exercise, you simply have to rotate your foot in clockwise direction than in an anticlockwise direction.

Foot and ankle circle exercise

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7. Lunge stretch exercise


The lunge is a basic but highly versatile stretch or strengthening activity for your lower body. You can simply turn a lunge into a static or dynamic stretch or perform lunges as a strength-training exercise.


How to do the exercise:

  • First, start out in a push-up position.
  • Then bring your right leg up next to your right hand. Keeping your left leg planted.
  • After this lean slightly forward to get a nice stretch. The knee should be at 90 degrees and left leg should be off the ground. You should feel a healthy stretch but be careful not to stretch too far.
  • Hold for 60 seconds and then alternate legs.

Lunge stretch exercise






With these simple ankle synovitis exercises, you can easily ease the problems. Try these simple exercises which are less time-consuming. But always before doing any new exercise consult your doctor first and if you have some symptoms consult your doctor for treatment.


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