Things To Keep In Mind While You Are Traveling During COVID-19

Divya Tripathi

, Health A2Z

Traveling during COVID-19 can cause coronavirus because it is a contagious disease. Staying home will prevent you from COVID-19 and is the best way to protect yourself. But now, there is a new normal in which people can go out for work and travel within some guidelines.


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Those who travel around have a high possibility of getting coronavirus. The government has issued strict guidelines for traveling purposes, and those who found disobeying these guidelines will be charged fine and may be sentenced to jail for some time.


Problems In Traveling During COVID-19


There are lots and lots of problems in traveling during COVID-19. For example, if someone has corona but didn’t know that because of asymptomatic behavior. Just imagine if that person goes out for shopping or to travel meets with 10-15 people, If not all but around 5-10 people will test positive.


Traveling involves a lot of things lets discuss them


Traveling via Air 


Due to the new normal, the government has decided to open flights and all the traveling modes. Traveling via air involved lots of things to keep in mind like maintaining social distancing, wearing a mask, and sanitizing hands regularly because of the long queue and crowd. In planes, the distance of seats is about 6 feet, which is not ideal for social distancing and may risk you of COVID-19.


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Traveling via Train/Buses


Buses and trains don’t have enough space so that people can maintain social distancing compared to planes. In these modes of transport, it is very easy to get infected from coronavirus if not taken precautions and proper guidelines.


You should not seat with a person who has not worn a mask, ask him to wear and sanitize hands. You should not touch other accessories on buses or train and make sure to wear disposable gloves which can prevent germs and infection to get inside your body. Take precautions like don’t talk to strangers and try to avoid traveling on a crowded bus.


Traveling via car or two-wheeler


Traveling during COVID-19 can be safe if you travel in your car. It is safe and the fear of getting COVID-19 is very less, until and unless you make multiple stops. Traveling in a car with household members is not at all dangerous compared to those who are not from your household. While moving in a car is safe if you wear a mask and don’t make stops.


Traveling to offices


As now many offices are open after being completely off till the lockdown. Companies have done various things to secure their employees from COVID-19 like arranging their seats at a minimum distance of 6 feet and they are calling half of their staff so that offices don’t get crowded which is one of the main reasons for getting coronavirus. Companies provide proper sanitization before entering into the office.




In short, traveling during COVID-19 can not be safe if not taken precautions. This disease is contagious and can lead to death if not treated on time, so to avoid all these things, you should take precautionary measures like wearing mas and gloves and proper sanitization having 60% of alcohol. Last but not least stay safe and healthy and take care of your family.


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