Treatment for Kidney Stones: Home Remedies, Surgery, and Homeopathy

Ever seen a person crying out loud due to the continuous peeing urgency and lower abdominal pain? Yes, it is the pain of kidney stones, look below to learn about it and the effective treatment for kidney stones.




What are Kidney Stones?

Kidney stones, typically called urolithiasis, are deposition of rigid mineral salts over inner kidney surface of urinal tract portion of human body.


Kidney stones are asymptomatic until the stone’s structure is small enough to be passed out voluntarily, all you need to do is to drink a good amount of water.


In other cases, it becomes difficult and straining for a human body to overcome with kidney stones as in this scenario formation of stone is large enough to block the urinary tract completely. In latter scenario, one requires professional and concerned help regarding the treatment for kidney stones.




What are the Home Remedies to Pass Kidney Stones Away?

Experts suggest consumption of fluids immensely can result in effective and steady relief from kidney stones because dehydration turned out to be the biggest reason behind kidney stones.


Learn below about the fluids and foods suitable for consumption that can lead to treatment:


1. Water:

Water is a life saver for the world which implies in kidney stone’s case as well. It is essential for hydration and thrashes away the stones which are embedded in the urinary tract.


2. Lemon Juice With Olive Oil:

This duo contributes brilliantly in the treatment for kidney stones. Lemon juice has citric acid which has breaking down and dissolving quality, whereas olive oil lubricates the path for stones.


3. Wheatgrass Juice or Celery Juice:

Wheatgrass juice and Celery juice both have a similar tendency of increasing urine production which is crucial for kidney stone treatment.


4. Pomegranate:

Pomegranate has plenty of anti-oxidants which avoids the formation of Kidney stones plus pomegranate juice, as well as seeds, are beneficial for kidneys.


5. Kidney Bean Broth:

Kidney bean broth as well whole kidney bean is a salutary option against kidney stones. The massive amount of magnesium present in kidney beans is the major reason behind its stone diminishing quality.



Consuming dandelion in the form of extract, tea or juice results in increased bile juice and urine production in the body which is exceptionally beneficial for stone removal. Also, dandelion is helpful for detoxification.


Note, food or fluid rich in sugar, fat, salt and caffeine may result in prone to kidney stones. Pregnant female must consult a doctor before opting any aforementioned things for treatment.




What are the Surgical Measures for Kidney Stones Treatment?

In a condition of the severity of kidney stones, surgical measures are taken by professionals to provide the best kidney stones treatment. Such condition involves infection, severe pain, blockage of urine, internal kidney bleeding and failure of all ongoing measures.


These measures may differ from open surgery to outpatient circumstances depending on the size and condition of stone.


1. Lithotripsy:

In case of medium and small sized stones, extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy is performed. Under which high energy shock wave is aimed at the external part of the kidney which is a completely non-invasive procedure.


2. Ureteroscopy:

This is an invasive procedure where a small wire(ureteroscope) with a camera attached is inserted through urethra towards bladder under influence of anesthesia then doctor uses a small device or laser to break down large and medium particles of stone.


3. Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy:

This procedure is named Tunnel surgery treatment due to its mechanism. The doctor makes a tunnel directly linking to the kidney through a small incision on your back under local anesthesia.


4. Open Surgery:

Open surgery is a rare process for treatment which is performed when all other treatments and solutions are condemned. It is a prolonged procedure of extracting the stone from an incision under general anesthesia.




What are the Homeopathic Treatment for Kidney Stones?

This treatment can be effectively and successfully conducted in the condition of small stones and professional help of naturopathic physicians.

Homeopathic treatment can be stretched for long but surely a surgery trauma relieving option. Often, homeopathic treatment also involves the use of supplements, herbal products, and hot packs.




Conclusion and Major Tips for Tackling Kidney Stones:

1. Keep your body hydrated with water or nutritious juices. Here, water plays a major role in treatment for kidney stones

2. One must keep a hereditary record of kidney stones as it is more likely to pass onto generations

3. Regular urine and blood tests can keep you alert and cautious of this ailment

4. Keep an eye on urinal infections, sudden pain in the abdominal area and all other symptoms of kidney stones.

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