10 Best Questions & Answers When Trying to Get Pregnant

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After taking the decision to have a baby, many women trying to get pregnant and do everything they can do to conceive during their next cycle. There are so many questions in your mind when you start trying to get pregnant. Here we have some general questions and answers which may help you to conceive a baby. Facing gynecological problems can be cumbersome, therefore, in any such case, you must visit the best gynecologist near me to get yourself treated the right way.


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Common Question and Answers If you are Trying to Get Pregnant.



Q 1: When do I ovulate, and how can I evaluate my ovulation window?



Answer: This is one of the biggest misunderstandings on how to predict her fertile window. Usually, many women believe that they ovulate on the 14th day of their cycle. This 14th day is based on an average from a group of women and an estimate for a 28-day cycle. However, women can ovulate on any day between day 8-20 of their cycle. In short, unless you have intercourse every other day which is not recommended unless you and your partner are up for it, you try to use your own biological cues to find out when you ovulate and so that you can predict your fertile window.



Q2. How long should I lay down after insemination?



Answer: There is no scientific evidence that laying down after sex can increase your chance to get pregnant. However, standing up or going to the washroom can cause gravity to pull sperm away from the cervix. Laying down for around 15 minutes after sex can help to get sperm going in the right direction by giving them some extra time.



Q 3. Trying to Get Pregnant and Getting Fail, is it Mainly an Issue with the Woman?



Answer: It is a major misunderstanding is that it is the woman’s health issue if pregnancy is not happening, or that it due to her age. It can equally be the man’s health issue as it is the woman’s. If you haven’t gotten pregnant within 6-12 months, you should get your man’s sperm count checked too.




Q 4: What is the Ideal Time of Day to Have Sex to Get Pregnant?



Answer: Yes. It is morning time. When your man gets a good night’s rest. While sleeping, his body regenerates the sperm lost during the day. Although the average sperm cell has a pretty short shelf life, only seven days, even stalwart swimmers can hit their expiration date early if they get too warm from exercise like bike riding.




Q 5. Is There a Test for Fertility?



Answer: There is no single test for fertility but there are several tests that an infertility specialist can order if they suspect you’re suffering from infertility. First, they will collect your medical history, perform a physical examination and an ultrasound to rule out any abnormalities in your reproductive system. Your doctor can also schedule a test for ovulation, blood tests for hormones (progesterone, prolactin, thyroid hormones) on different days of your menstrual cycle, tests of the ovarian reserve to understand the reason of your infertility.



Some of the most common conditions that can affect female fertility include:


  • Endometriosis



  • Fibroids





  • Polycystic ovary syndrome



  • Fallopian tube blockage



  • Uterine malformations



  • Pelvic adhesions.




Q6. Does Urination Get Rid of Sperm?



Answer: There is no evidence of that, even if urine had the ability to kill sperm, peeing wouldn’t have any effect on the sperm that has already entered the vagina, because urine comes out your urethral opening.



Q. 7. Do Certain Sex Positions Help My Chances of Conceiving?



Answer: A general thought says that deep penetration will dispense sperm closer to the cervix, helping the little swimmers reach their goal, but there’s no evidence to back up the theory. Regardless of how you get down to business, sperm is present in the cervical canal just seconds after ejaculation, according to Optimizing natural fertility. That means your favorite position is the best one for conceiving.


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Q8. How Can I Get Pregnant Fast Naturally?



Answer: There are 8 things you should start doing if you want to get pregnant soon





  • Cut down your caffeine intake



  • Curb your alcohol intake







  • Figure out exactly when you’re ovulating



  • Start thinking about egg freezing.




Q9. How Can I Boost My Fertility?



Answer: Here are some natural ways to boost your fertility and get pregnant faster.



  • Eat antioxidant rich food: Such as onions, garlic, pumpkin, mangoes, seafood, lean meat.





  • Avoid Trans Fats



  • Cut Down on Carbs



  • Eat Less Refined Carbs



  • Eat More Fiber



  • Swap Protein Sources



  • Choose High-Fat Diary.





Q4. What Foods Should I eat, if I am Trying to Get Pregnant?




Answer: These are the foods which can try to increase fertility and libido in women




  • Seaweed



  • Salmon



  • Figs



  • Oysters



  • Berries



  • Beans



  • Leafy Greens



  • Maca Root.





Q 5. What we Should Avoid Eating While Trying to Get Pregnant?




Answer: You should avoid these foods if you are trying to get pregnant.




  • High-mercury fish



  • Soda



  • Trans fats



  • High-glycemic-index foods



  • Low-fat dairy





  • Unpasteurized soft cheeses



  • Deli meat.







Every woman has some questions in there mind when he trying to get pregnant. So here we have discussed some common questions and answers which can help you to get pregnant. If you are trying to get pregnant and not getting success for a long time then you should consult a gynecologist for help.


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