How Turmeric Can Enhance your Health

Prakhar Tyagi

, Health A2Z

Turmeric is a wonder ingredient that is being used since ages in India. It is an antiseptic and includes incredible healing properties such as anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, antioxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-carcinogenic. Whether ingested or applied, the benefits of turmeric are plenty.

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Here are few amazing health benefits of consuming turmeric:

1. Relief in Arthritic Pain

Anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric are helpful in relieving joints pains during Arthritis. It helps the body fight foreign invaders and also has a role in repairing cells by destroying the free radicals that damage the cells.

2. Protection from Cancer

Cancer is mainly caused due to uncontrolled growth of cells.The main active ingredient in turmeric is curcumin which leads to several changes on the molecular level in the body that are helpful in preventing and perhaps even treating cancer.

4. Protection of the Brain

Turmeric contains another powerful compound named as aromatic – turmerone – which is capable of repairing brain stem cells. These stem cells may help in the recovery from several neurodegenerative diseases such as stroke and Alzheimer etc.

5. Protection for the Heart

Curcumin has been known for improving the functioning of the endothelium that is the lining of the blood vessels. The inability of the endothelium to regulate blood pressure leads to blood clotting that is a major cause of heart disease. Turmeric reduces inflammation and enhances oxidation that is also very important in heart disease. People Also Like: Link Between Aspirin and Heart Disease

6. Protection For The Liver

Turmeric increases the production of the vital enzymes that are helpful in detoxification of blood in the liver by breaking down and reducing toxins. It also helps in increasing bile flow from the gallbladder into the intestines that is essential for the breakdown of dietary fats and also improves blood circulation.

7. Protection Against Diabetes

The anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties of turmeric are helpful in delaying the onset of type 2 diabetes in people with the pre-diabetic condition. It is further helpful in moderating insulin levels and boosting the effect of medications in treating diabetes.

8. Protection Against Aging

As oxidation and inflammation play a vital role in aging, turmeric’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties help the body to fight against and delay aging. Also as it protects from several diseases like heart diseases, arthritis and cancer has obvious benefits for long life.

In addition to the above turmeric is also known for its healing capabilities for skin, gastronomical disorders, depression etc. [People Also LikeWomen and Depression]

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