11 Exercises for women to stay healthy!

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Women seem to face more and severe health problems as they age. This is no discovery but is known to everyone. It becomes important that they understand about exercise for women to stay healthy. The bone density, for example, lessens in women as they cross the age of 35. Calcium requirement increases and weight gain is also a major concern.


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Don’t you worry ladies! We are here to tell you about exercise for women to stay healthy. We know how much you would love to stay fit and so here is the list of exercises you can take on this new year to stay fit.


Excercise for women to stay healthy


A combination of exercises for women to stay healthy can be adopted. These include aerobic exercise and strength training. You do not have to exercise only for weight loss or to burn calories, a fit body can also be the goal. A minimum of 150 minutes a week is also good to start with.


1) Yoga

International Yoga Day - Yoga as Preventive Medicine


Nothing beats this age-old practice. You can exercise every muscle of the upper body, lower body your core, and legs all with the help of Yoga. Research shows that in exercise for women to stay healthy, yoga asanas have played a lot of roles.

They can even get you through severe stomach pain during periods. Women suffering from arthritis can even get through their problems with Yoga.


2) Weight lifting exercises for women to stay healthy



Weight training has been recommended as a topmost exercise for everyone. Yes, ladies! Those beautiful arms are on your way if you want them. In an exercise for women to stay healthy, lifting weights for strength is important.

Even in curing diabetes as mentioned in researches “Weight training builds muscle mass, important for those with type 2 diabetes. If you lose muscle mass, you have a lot harder time maintaining your blood sugar”

When you lift weights, all your muscle groups are toned in the way you want. It is time to hit the gym or get your own personal trainer!


3) Lunges

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This exercise is the most challenging your balance is an essential part of a well-rounded exercise routine. Lunges do just that, promoting functional movement, while also increasing strength in your legs and glutes.


4) Push-ups

8 Best & Easy Exercises for Everyone You Should Perform Daily


Pushups are one of the most basic yet effective bodyweight moves you can perform because of the number of muscles that are recruited to perform them. One of the important exercises for women to stay healthy.


5) Plank hold


Plank hold exercise is very beneficial because it builds isometric strength to help sculpt the waistline and improve the posture. It also depends on the type of plank you try, you can also engage your back, arms, shoulders, glutes, and hamstrings. Got that shrill in your shoulder and arms? That is why it is one of the important exercises for women to stay healthy.


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6) Sit-ups

8 Best & Easy Exercises for Everyone You Should Perform Daily


Situps are an effective way to target the abdominal muscles. If you are suffering from the lower back problems, or an abdominal fat then sticks with a crunch, which requires just your upper back and shoulders to lift off the ground and also helps to burn fat.


7) Glute bridge

8 Best & Easy Exercises for Everyone You Should Perform Daily


This exercise effectively works to the entire posterior chain, which isn’t only good for you but will make your booty look perkier as well. Time to get that butt right! Time for important exercises for women to stay healthy.


8) Burpees



Burpees are a super-effective or beneficial for the whole-body move that provides great bang for your buck for cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength.


9) Single-leg deadlifts



This is another exercise that challenges the balance. Single-leg deadlifts need stability and leg strength. Get light to moderate dumbbell to complete this move.


10) Squats

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Squats increase the lower body and core strength, as well as flexibility in the lower back and hips. Because they participate in some of the largest muscles in the body, they also pack a major punch in terms of calories burned.


11) Zumba


Are you a Bollywood fan? Do you like music and tapping your feet on it? You go, lady! Dance your heart out because it is one the Then it is the best choice as a diabetic patient. Many doctors have recommended Zumba as an exercise for diabetic patients. And so it is one of the important exercises for women to stay healthy.



Any physical exercise or important exercises for women to stay healthy must be in all the young and old ladies’ routines. You can add this with an amazing diet to follow. Look younger but more importantly, be healthy!


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