Exercises After 50: Adding Life to the Remaining Years

Prakhar Tyagi

, Health A2Z

As much as we all hate to admit, as we move into our 50s, our body does not work the way it used to when we were younger. We become prone to injuries, both to the bones and muscles. We also become reluctant to work out due to this fear of injury. However, it is often said and believed that “the most important benefit for seniors from exercise is that it can add years to your life, but it will also most certainly add life to your years.

Working out the same way in the 50s as a person did in his/her 30s sets a person up for a world of hurt. Several changes in flexibility, bone density, muscular strength, and recovery time make injuries more likely if you don’t adjust accordingly.

Once you are determined to begin exercising, the moot question that crosses your mind is about what exercises you should do and how. Here’s what will work best for you.

5 Best Exercises After 50 To Add Years To Your Life

1. Warming Up

Warming up before you start any work out is crucial and more so when you touch 50. This is crucial so as to avoid any injury to your body. Warm up exercises include loosening up, mobility movements, and dynamic stretching.

2. Cardio-Vascular Training

Poor cardiovascular health leads to several issues in our 50s, which includes high cholesterol, cardiac arrest risk, high blood pressure risk, etc. Therefore, if you are over 50 then you make provision of cardio-vascular exercises in your workout routine. Cardio-vascular exercises include brisk walking, running, swimming, cycling, etc.

3. Strength Training

Along the muscles of the body, your bones also become vulnerable to injuries with age. This makes it important for you to undertake strength exercises. Strength training includes push-ups, use of a resistance band, bicep curls, triceps extension, squats, and lunges.

4. Flexibility Training

In order to maintain flexibility in the muscles (which is lost with age due to degenerating connective tissues), you need to do head circles, neck stretching, calf and hamstring muscles stretching.

5. Core Training

Getting old does not mean that you start avoiding the main core basics of a workout, but yes, you need to plan the intensity and the style of core training exercises. You can try abdomen exercises which strengthens your back. Reverse curling is another good exercise for abdomen and back. Crunches are also good although you will need to be careful while doing it, to avoid injury. You may also consider doing half sit-ups as well. [People Also Like: 5 Ways To Change Your Lifestyle Habits]

You can also engage a personal trainer who can prepare a weekly schedule for you, depending on your body requirements and sustenance. Ideally, it is advised that you undertake all exercises under the supervision of a well-trained trainer.

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