Keep Hopes High, Upsides Of COVID-19 Lockdown

Somya Verma

, Health A2Z

Humans get very easily demotivated. We must realize that we are the better species on earth. We carry hope all the time. 100 years ago we did, and so we will now too. So, you must see the upsides of COVID-19 lockdown. It is not a great time, and we know it.


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Yet, we have always said to ourselves “everything happens for the better”. Do you remember the dialogue from a famous movie that kept saying “ALL Iz Well”? Even if it not, let us see what makes it good? Read along to know what is the silver lining of COVID-19.


The silver lining and upsides of COVID-19 Lockdown


You can find treasure, even in the pile of garbage. So, let us tell you, why you should not be sad or demotivated by this lockdown. It has some good effects also. However, we keep all those suffering in our prayers and hope that life around the world is soon brought to normal.


1) You have chirping sparrow back in your garden


For so long we have thought that the earth belongs to us more than other species, yet we forget that we are just a “part” of it. The most satisfying upsides of COVID-19 is the coming back of birds in the backyards.

In one of the coverages by TOI, one of the residents was quoted saying, “From sunbirds and flycatchers to tailorbirds, woodpeckers, and parrots, it has been such a joy to have them make a comeback to our neighborhood”.


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2) Did you see the twin tower in the USA sitting in your balcony


Yeah! We all know that joke, don’t we? You could see Canada from Punjab and the rest! But why do we have these social media trending memes? It is because of the cleaner air that cities are now enjoying. One aspect of the upsides of COVID-19 lockdown that you must thank the government for!


3) Better resource management


From healthcare to food, everyone seems to start understanding why saving is necessary. It is also helping to restructure the medical sector. We are now making sure that our health workers are safe and hospitals are better managed.


4) Lower crime rates


This one might sound odd but is true! It is not that people not on the street are making crime lesser. It is also that they understand that hurting each other is wrong when things like a virus are killing humanity. People are more generous around the world, and have come together to support each other in a better way! The better way to see the upsides of COVID-19 lockdown!


5) The importance of hygiene


After all, this is over, people of all social and levels will understand why it is important to take care of your hygiene. Habits like washing hands and sanitizing the body will play a bigger role in the future!


Every ray of hope is welcomed! Upsides of COVID-19 lockdown is not only global but personal as well. People get more time with their loved ones. You can concentrate on your body, mind, and heart! So make the best use of time and be safe!


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