Ways To Ease Mask Irritation, Keep Them On

Somya Verma

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We all know what a lifesaver has these masks and sanitizers been in this time of crisis. Yet, they have also some problems with them. While alcohol-based sanitizers have caused slight skin issues, while the mask cause skin irritation. So here, we are helping you out to solve it with ways to ease mask irritation. This is in no way means, you must not wear them. We are giving you these ways to make sure you can be safer, do not lose your masks.


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Why are masks important?


Though this is no question to think about. However, most of us are still ignorant and do not wear it. The virus is still on and there is no way we have to control it in all ways. Hence, to curb the spread, we must still keep wearing the mask on. Also, in normal terms, it helps to protect from the pollution and other dirt in and around the environment.


Look Here For Ways to Ease Mask Irritation


It is summer and an extra piece of cover will be irritating. It is but only for our safety to wear on the mask. Let us see what are the ways we tackle this problem


1. Look into the fabric of the mask


The synthetic plastics are a major irritation. To know the ways to ease mask irritation, look through the fabric. With the trend in town, a lot of industries have used good and soft fabrics to replace the surgical and plastic ones. Use the cotton and reusable masks as they do serve the purpose of covering well.


2. The irritation behind the ears: be creative


You might feel that weight of strap on your ears or any other problem and un-comfort of some kind. Be creative here and reduce that pain altogether. You can wear a headband and You can sew your own buttons on if you’re handy.


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3. Wash your face after you pull out the mask


In addition to a moist environment, the friction of the mask itself can cause breakouts. Whenever you wear a mask, the pressure causes the “pipes” to get bent out of shape, which can cause oil blockage and lead to breakouts. Hence wash your face and apply some anti-bacterial cream if possible.


4. Ease rubbing with a barrier cream


Keep an extra-close eye on your skin since it might need special care after using a mask. If you’re breaking out, focus on spot treatments and acne cleansers, and if you’re developing a rash or dryness, look for healing, soothing products.


5. Apply emollient


Skin irritation with masks is most common along the bridge of the nose and central cheeks, where the flexible nosepiece is secured into place. You can always try something that cools down this area of your skin.


6. Other prescribed creams


If you think you need to take better and more serious measures, well, then you can always order the creams and prescribed medicines for the ways to ease mask irritation.


Though we have shared you the ways to ease mask irritation, in no way we are discouraging the use of mask, It is important that in these times of difficulties, You keep the mask on!


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