When Should I Contact a Rehab Center?: Useful Suggestion to Prevent Addiction

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Are you facing a trouble in standing up to life’s challenges? Some sort of unusual situations? Or trouble might be due to your unhealthy habits, your addiction to alcohol, cigarettes or drugs? Then you must have asked a question to yourself or someone else that when should I contact a rehab center? It might be a simple problem for you but for someone else, it might be a big and tough problem.


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If I talk about the addiction percentage in India then following are some of the statistics related to it including;


  • In Punjab, nearly 75% of its youth are severely addicted to drugs which means 3 out of every 4 children.


  • In metro cities like Mumbai and Hyderabad are quickly gaining a reputation for their drug use among youths.


  • Delhi itself has a huge percentage of addicted patients that why the city is filled with rehab centers trying to keep up with the flow of addicts.


On an average approx 1000 centers across the country work together to nurse addicts back into a healthy as well as a productive lifestyle but the situation of addiction is worse in India.


These numbers and statistics give a reason for concern and indicate that the future of India is at stake. Yet public officials and governmental organizations like Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment are willing to do anything to stop addictions of drugs and alcohol among our youths.


The threat of alcohol and drugs has made strength to its roots deep into our society. With this increase in threat, India’s future generation will have to compete with drugs like alcohol, tobacco, and cannabis.


Nowadays, more Indian youngsters are struggling with addiction than ever before. The increase in peer pressure, irresponsible parenting, and adolescent immaturity are acting like a monster, luring our children towards addiction and a life full of regret and suffering.


When illicit drugs have poisoned the youths of India, the concept of rehab center was introduced. In India, an overwhelming majority of those addicted to illicit drugs like opium, heroin, ganja, and cannabis. With many of this population that are frustrated and unemployed, drugs act as a perfect solution for them for escapism.


When Should I Contact a Rehab Center?: Useful Suggestion to Prevent Addiction





When Should I Contact a Rehab Centre?


The simplest answers for the question when should I contact a rehab center? is-


If you are a parent, friend, or a family member of a person who is addicted to drugs then follow these steps;



  • Contact the rehab center and talk about them regarding your problem.


  • Provide a nice and friendly environment for the addicted patient to recover comfortably.


  • Ask the rehab center’s doctor regarding the pros and cons of the situation of the addicted patient.


  • Give your time to the addicted patient, in this situation the patient only needs your support and love.


  • Try to overcome the difficult situation of your loved one with love and care.


  • Thoroughly understand the rehab center recovery programme.


  • Be patient, as the process takes some time for completing the medical or psychotherapeutic treatment of the addicted patient.


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5 Useful Suggestion to Prevent Addiction:


Although often disregarded, we need to give special attention to our young generation who have never abused drugs.


As it says, “Preventing addiction is more effective than curing it,” yes, it seems idealistic, but it reveals the mindset that Indians need to adopt the basic concept.


While there are several rehab center’s programmes that aim at presenting alternatives to addicts.


Creating a healthy and attractive alternative to drug abuse can be very useful. Some basic addiction prevention ideas include:


1. Promotion of a Good Health: We needs to promote a healthy lifestyle with the help of cultural and personal practices. We just can do this by setting an example of health an addicted person will see damaging and dangerous lifestyles.


2. Enhance People and Encouragement of Social Interaction: Promot as much as you can social interaction between young and old people through social environment.


3. Involvement of Young People Locally for Increasing Their Respect for Cultural Values: The activities may be on the cultural traditions of the community.


4. Encouragement Regarding Positive Alternatives: You can develop these alternatives with cultural values among young generation.


5. Developing a Long-Term Perspective: Don’t lose confidence or enthusiasm if results aren’t immediate. Preventing drug use takes some time but keeping a long-term perspective is important for making your willpower strong.


When Should I Contact a Rehab Center?: Useful Suggestion to Prevent Addiction







Now, when you read the above tips and suggestion, then you will automatically draw an answer to the question “when should I contact a rehab center?” An addition may be due to circumstances but not resolving it is your incorrectness.


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