The Most Asked Question “When Should You Consult a Doctor?”

Tanuja Bisht

, Health A2Z

Should I see a doctor or consult a doctor? Many of us ask this question. No matter what you ask yourself or what major symptoms you have to go to the doctor.


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This is a real dilemma because minor symptoms are part of everyone’s life. Some of them are due to trivial conditions or some are sensations due to the normal functioning of the body.


It is normal for you to have a headache, stomachache, dizziness or nausea, but you should always know when things are going wrong and consult a doctor in time to avoid the worst. After all, the doctor is the first point of contact for medical help. If you experience a nagging pain or discomfort that should not occur, it is usually time to consult a doctor.


The Most Asked Question "When Should You Consult a Doctor?"




When Should You Consult a Doctor?


In my opinion, if you are concerned about anything or have questions related to your health than you should never hesitate to consult a doctor. Consulting a doctor doesn’t necessarily mean a formal appointment with a doctor, you can also opt options like a telephone or live chat with a doctor, physician assistant, or nurse.


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Let me answer, the question ‘When to consult a doctor’ into three simple parts –


  • Routine Visits


  • Visits, when a problem arises


  • Emergency visits



1. Routine Visits:


These can be annual or monthly visits to a doctor or physician to make sure that your body functioning smoothly. Usually, infants and aged people need more routine visits to a doctor, but a number of visits also depends on a person’s health conditions. For example, if a person with a heart disorder or diabetes would need to consult a doctor more often as compared to a normal person.



2. Visits for a Problem:


When a person finds something unusual with the body functioning then he visits the doctor. When there is an issue that is hampering your daily life such as a prolonged cough, people are not sure whether or not to consult a doctor. The reason for this is that many problems and symptoms can be handled at home. Patients with critical disorders should see a doctor sooner rather than later when further symptoms develop.



3. Emergency Visits:


This one is pretty self-explanatory, these are the case of allergic reaction or a freak accident such as a road accident, you need to visit the Emergency room to get everything back in order and ensure that you are healthy.

As much as we like to believe that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” sometimes its imperative to consult a doctor to ensure good health and well being.






So, now when someone asks you that “When Should You Consult a Doctor?” you have an answer. Before consulting a doctor, you should always check for the best doctors nearby you or you can also opt for an online consult with a doctor through GoMedii than go for the book an appointment.


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