How to Pack a First Aid Kit for Travel

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If you are making a plan for traveling with your family during the holidays, do not forget to take your first aid kit with you. First aid kit is very important for everyone. It is very common for a sudden injury during the journey and a mess in health. In this situation, it is very useful to keep the First Aid box in close proximity to prevent bleeding, wounding, wound infection, and to avoid normal viral infection.


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The first aid kit, which you can keep at home, in the office or on the trip. It can be easily moved from one place to another. The first aid, treatment provided to the accident or the sick person, is given until the doctor’s absence. Therefore, during the journey, you must keep the first aid kit. Today we are going to discuss How to pack a first aid kit for travel and how we can manage it.



What Should You Put in a Travel First Aid Kit?



The best first aid kits are simple but mixed and will have a variety of dressings and equipment to deal with the absolute basics. More importantly, it can be used with little or no training. So what items should you include in your kit? Here are a few picks for the essentials.



First aid kit



A basic first aid kit includes:



1. Antiseptic



2. Painkillers



3. Wound-cleaning gauze



4. Sterile Dressings



5. Bandage tape



6. Plasters



7. Tweezers



8. Scissors



9. Thermometer



10. Antihistamines



11. Sunburn treatment



12. Insect repellent



13. Insect bite treatment



14. Medication for pre-existing medical conditions



Prevent Illness or Injury



1. Hand sanitizer (containing at least 60% alcohol) or antibacterial hand wipes



2. Water purification tablets



3. Insect repellent (with an active ingredient like DEET or picaridin)



4. Sunscreen (with UVA and UVB protection, SPF 15 or higher)



5. Sunglasses and hat



6. Condoms



7. Earplugs



Documents Carry while Traveling



1. Copies of your passport and travel documents



2. Copies of all prescriptions (medications, glasses, or medical supplies)



3. Health insurance card and documents



3. Proof of yellow fever vaccination (if required for your trip)



4. Contact card with the street addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses of a Family member or close contact.



5. Health care provider at home



6. Lodging at your destination



7. Hospitals or clinics (including emergency services) in your destination


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What Medications can you take Overseas?



There are a few medications which you can take overseas:




  • Diarrhea medicine (Imodium or Pepto-Bismol)




  • Cough drops, cough suppressant, or expectorant




  • Pain and fever medicine (acetaminophen, aspirin, or ibuprofen)




  • Mild sedative or sleep aid






In the above blog, we have talked about How to Pack a First Aid Kit for Travel and the tips to manage your kit. Because doctors are not available at all the time while you are alone or traveling somewhere. So it is really important to carry a first aid kit with you. If there is a major injury happens then you should immediately consult a doctor.


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