World Food Day 2019 : Why and How It is Celebrated?



Time to celebrate ‘ The World Food Day ‘ we can proudly say, the great initiative taken by the FAO. I believe that every person or every organization should take a step forward and celebrate this day with a lot of joy and happiness. Because this day is related to the food, the security, the hygiene of the food. If we are not having good quality food then we cannot survive properly, our body starts losing energy we start falling sick. So a big yessss to this day, or we say a big Thank You to the FAO. In this blog, we are spreading some more awareness about World Food Day 2019 and the reason behind this.


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World Food Day 2019:


Every year on 16th October there is the day which is celebrated all over the world happily and excitedly is ‘World Food Day’ It’s an annual celebration in the honor of the founding date of the ‘Food and Agriculture Organization‘ (FAO). This is launched by the first time in the “United Nations in the year 1945″. This is celebrated widely celebrated with great zest by some other organizations which are concerned with food security.


The theme of World Food Day 2019: Yet, the theme of World Food Day 2019 is not announced by the govt.


Why ‘World Food Day’ is Celebrated?


Umm the major reason behind the celebration and launching of this big day is to secure and advance food security across the world. Especially at the time of the food crisis. The beginning of the Food and Agriculture organization by the United Nations has played a marvelous role in making this day possible and accomplishing the goal.


How ‘World Food Day’ is Celebrated in India?


India is also welcome to this ‘World Food Day’ with great enthusiasm, as we all know Delhi is famous for its food. “Dil walo ki Delhi” or “Delhi Foodies”. There are so many people who just love the food, who are so particular about their dish, their food. As some sincere lovers of food in Delhi have joined hands and vowed to keep their food hygienic and safe.


They opposed the introduction of genetically modified crops in India. In Delhi, this World Food Day is celebrated at the Craft Museum of Dastakar Mela. People make rangoli and perform street plays and acts on the matter of genetic modification.


“It is the occasion through which several non-voluntary organizations highlight the importance of eating healthy food and avoiding fast food in urban India. Volunteers also stage street plays demanding public consultation on BRAI (Biotechnology regulatory Authority of India) bill. It is one of the biggest dangers to our food safety as it is being proposed to promote the introduction of Genetically Modified crops in India.”

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