Environment Day Gift: India Welcomes 539 New Species in Their Forest Home

Tanuja Bisht

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It’s a wonderful gift on World Environment Day from the Zoological Survey of India (ZSI) and Botanical Survey of India (BSI) regarding the 539 new species of plants and animals, released on Tuesday (June 5th).


The discoveries add 300 newly discovered species of fauna to Animal Discoveries, 2017 and 239 newly found species of flora to Plant Discoveries, 2017.



Let’s talk about new species discoveries in brief: 

Besides all the discoveries, the biodiversity level of the country record higher. Among all the discoveries related to animals, 241 were invertebrates and other are vertebrates that include fish, amphibians, and reptiles.


Further, the highlight of the animal discoveries if fossil of reptilian species known as Shringasaurus indicus, frog species Nasikabatrachus Bhupathi, and a snake Rhabdops aquaticus.


Moreover, with the new discoveries, the number of plant species in India increased to 49,003 which is total 11.4% of the world flora.


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In 2017, the Indian scientists discovered approximately 23 species of flora including Balsams and Wild Musa.


Among all the discoveries, Western Ghats and Himalayas contribute the maximum number of plant and animal species.


Now we talk about the states, Kerala recorded the highest number of plant and animal discoveries including 66 and 52 species respectively, Tamil Nadu recorded around 24 and 31 of plant and animal species, and last but not the least West Bengal provide 27 and 45 plant and animal discoveries.



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[Source- The Hindu]

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