Top 7 Causes of Hyperpigmentation

Tanuja Bisht

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Do you know what is hyperpigmentation? Before taking about its causes let’s discuss the basic concept and symptoms of the problem.


As we all know that the human skin is prone to several types of problems like from genetics to bad hygiene. There are also some common skin conditions and diseases for which treatment options that are available today. Modern medicine also allowed us to know more about these various skin problems.




What is Hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation is a condition in which the skin becomes dark. It can occur on the skin in small patches, cover large areas, or sometimes affect the entire body. This condition usually not harmful, but can be a symptom of another type of medical condition.




What are the Symptoms of Hyperpigmentation?

Usually, under this condition, the skin becomes dark as well as this is the only symptoms of the problem. Patches on the skin can vary in size and can easily develop anywhere on the body.




What are the Types of Hyperpigmentation?

There are mainly three types of hyperpigmentation including;

  • Melasma
  • Sunspots
  • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation




Top 7 Causes of Hyperpigmentation


1. Inflammation Caused by Sunlight:

However, we all that sunlight makes our skin darker by tanning that can lead to the problem. When our skin is exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, it produces an inflammatory response which causes darkening of the skin.



2. Skin Damage:

There are several factors that can cause damage to the skin such as a cut or a pimple that leads to excess melanin production. When a person has any kind of skin damage, then his/her body copes with it by producing an inflammatory reaction. This reaction ultimately converted into the damaging of the skin.



3. Allergic Reactions:

When a person experiences any kind of allergic reaction, then the person’s skin might have an inflammatory reaction. If a person is facing severely allergic to something, hen his body might go into contact with that substance that causes allergy.



4. Improper Hair Removal:

You might have noticed that when facial hair removal has done improperly they usually lead to the problem. If you want to remove your facial hair go for threading or shaving because they do not cause hyperpigmentation. When hairs are removed from the root or expose the root to the hard chemicals, chances for inflammatory response increases.



5. Hormonal Change:

The increase in levels of progesterone and estrogen generally caused due to pregnancy or birth control pills that can also be one of the causes of the problem. The hormonal changes increase the melanin production. The increased level of melanin leads to the problem.



6. Medication:

Sometimes medicines also cause slow hyperpigmentation as a side effect. Basically, retinoids, anti-seizure drugs, antibiotics, hormone medication, chemotherapeutic, and non-steroidal drugs can lead to the problem.



7. Genetics:

For many individuals, hyperpigmentation is a condition that is rooted in their DNA. Despite the fact that, hyperpigmentation is hereditary, but it might skip generations. If there is someone in your family, who suffers from the hyperpigmentation condition, then the chances increase for acquiring the skin condition. If you are facing the genetical hyperpigmentation problem, then even the slightest allergic reaction, hormonal change, skin damage, and sun exposure can cause the problem.


Top 7 Causes of Hyperpigmentation





Hyperpigmentation is a skin condition, which basically causes darkening of the skin. This darkening skin condition results in patches in various parts of the body. In fact, this skin condition does not cause any other physical discomfort. The problems caused by the skin condition are rather visual than physical. But if you left the problem untreated it might foretell a more severe health hazard.

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