GoMedii ACES Advantage Healthcare India 2023

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Advantage Healthcare: India 2023 was a huge success!


GoMedii was a key tourism industry stakeholder in the international medical value summit. It was a two-day event that saw the participation of stakeholders from 72+ countries. A lot of exchange of synergy took place; new relationships were also fostered. The summit enabled the participants to network with other stakeholders across the supply chain to exchange ideas, build contacts and create strong business partnerships.


Our Prime Minister, Sri Narendra Modi, opened the sixth edition of One Earth One Health – Advantage Healthcare India 2023 over video conference. Health Ministers from ten countries, dignitaries from various nations, and a massive delegation of 470 foreign business representatives from government entities, private hospitals, and medical facilitators attended the event.


GoMedii ACES Advantage Healthcare India 2023


As the prime minister extended his greetings, he graciously welcomed the Health Ministers from across the world, along with delegates from West Asia, SAARC, ASEAN, and African regions.


Team Gomedii has attended many conferences, some chaired by esteemed speakers like Dr. Atul Mohan Kochhar, CEO of the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH).


Many foreign and domestic dignitaries visited GoMedii’s booth, including Mr. Luv Agarwal, India’s Health Secretary. Our founders, Mr. Rohit Kumar Singh and Mr. Abhishek Chandel, along with our VP of Sales and Marketing, Mr. Prakhar Tyagi, had a fruitful discussion with the health secretary. Mr. Agarwal was glad to know that the pillars of our company share our prime minister’s vision of making the Indian Medical Tourism Industry a Borderless Industry.


GoMedii ACES Advantage Healthcare India 2023


The conferences and networking were fruitful as Gomedii established more business relationships to further its overseas operations, making medical assistance more accessible to medical travelers. Gomedii’s delegation participated in several events in these two days about Accelerating Healthcare Workforce Mobility across borders, Collaborating for a healthier tomorrow, Rebuilding Medical Value Travel, and Making Medical Tourism into a Borderless Industry.


A special session was held on the theme of the international medical value summit – One Earth One Health, to stress the importance of strategic cross-country partnerships and their potential to aid the motto.


The Indian G20 Presidency, in collaboration with the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), has co-branded the 6th edition of Advantage Healthcare India 2023 (One Earth One Health).


GoMedii ACES Advantage Healthcare India 2023


Gomedii played its part in the conference, showcasing India’s emergence as a leading destination for world-class healthcare and wellness services.


Gomedii Technologies, a Delhi-NCR-based organization, is an online global healthcare aggregator connecting patients to India’s best healthcare facilities. Apart from a pan-India presence, it operates in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Nigeria, and Cameroon.


GoMedii has provided services to over 20,000 medical travelers, both domestic and international, seeking high-quality and cost-effective therapies in India since its establishment. Moreover, we have collaborated with 500+ distinguished medical experts throughout India.


The online medical aid platform, accredited by NABH, has partnered with over 200 JCI and NABH-accredited hospitals in India and beyond. Furthermore, we have partnered with medical professionals in various countries, including Turkey, UAE, Poland, and Thailand. We have successfully provided services to medical tourists from Bangladesh, Iraq, Maldives, Afghanistan, Oman, Yemen, Sudan, Kenya, and Nigeria.


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