Government’s Initiative to Improve Healthcare in India

Vaibhav Saxena

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There is an urgent need to improve the healthcare of India as with the massive population that India persists it has been becoming a hassle to maintain control and regulations over virus outbreaks and syndromes. Moreover, India has been repeatedly facing chronic health care downfall due to floods, dengue and Zika virus.



Current Healthcare Condition of India:

The healthcare industry of India has been seen at the peak from past many years yet India lags behind many countries which include the neighboring countries like China, Bhutan, and Sri Lanka in case of maintaining the health care Index on the peak.


According to the recent reports of Global Burden of Disease study, healthcare index of India in the recent years that is 41.2 out of 100 which is way better than 1990’s index that was 24.7. Whereas, this improvement is not enough to outstand globally as India (145) lags behind China (48), Sri Lanka (71), Bangladesh (133) and Bhutan (134) while its health index was better than those of Nepal (149), Pakistan (154) and Afghanistan (191).


In 2016, the top five countries that ranked on the top with highest healthcare index were Iceland (97.1 points), Norway (96.6), the Netherlands (96.1), Luxembourg (96.0), and Finland and Australia (each with 95.9). However, the Central African Republic (18.6), Somalia (19.0), Guinea-Bissau (23.4), Chad (25.4), and Afghanistan (25.9) ranked the lowest in the list.




What is India Doing to Improve Healthcare by the Authorities?


1. Ayushman Bharat Health Scheme:


The National Health Protection Mission which presently covers 10.74 crore families based on the socio-economic census has ensured Rs 5 lakh insurance will be given to each family will be further improvised and implemented. Under the Ayushman health scheme, all the sub-centers and primary health centers in the state would be converted into health & wellness centers under Ayushman Bharat programme and the health services would be increased from two to 12.


It is been expected that severe diseases like diabetes, leprosy, high blood pressure, oral and dental, palliative, tuberculosis, ophthalmic, geriatric and cancer types like oral, breast, cervical will covered for treatment. Most importantly, mental health will also be covered.



2. Improvised Healthcare System:


The Indian National Congress has been aiming to improve health care in India by adopting the best healthcare practices from around the globe. This adoption will lead to immediate improvement and help for the patients who lack for proper health services. In the United Kingdom, the patients generally contact the General Practitioner rather than getting in contact with Tertiary consultants in India.


Rahul Gandhi stated, “The politics in India has not decentralized the powers. If you look at the politics in England, I saw the Richmond the local government system and how the local decisions are taken by the council. We are going to change the scenario of the Indian health care system from the very local levels of the nation“.



3. Unique Healthcare Database:

Union Health Minister J.P. Nada announced a plan to develop the all-India electronic database for health care that would measure entire Indian region including each district. Nada stated, “We are aiming at establishing an electronic database in all its districts by the year 2020, to reduce the burden of paper-based data collection, recording, and storage.”


The government authority is aiming towards building a comprehended system with Inter-operable Electronic Health Records (EHR) System, Patient Feedback System (MeraAspatal), Personal Health Record Management System (PHRMS), National Identification Number (NIN) for both public and private health facilities to improve healthcare in India.





In order to improve health care in India, there is a need to utilize and apply robust medicine systems in India which encourages the use of evidence-based medicines, protocols, and guidelines in India. Also, multispeciality sources should be built to provide a comprehensive health care system for the citizens.

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