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Everyday life is getting busier day by day and it is difficult to rush to the hospital every time. What is important now is the idea behind how to get enough care keeping in mind the needs that are known. Home care is now in the trend. It has been prevalent in various countries outside, and now it is India. Families are growing smaller, and it is difficult to visit the doctor’s clinic or hospital in urgency.


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Here is a report by the Economics Times that gives an insight into how it should take place.


Where are we in the case of home health care?


The report very well writes where are we in case of home care in India. It is a new addition to the sector of healthcare and would take time to spread. It is important that the hospitals and clinics provide the service, and people must trust them as well.



As the report states, ” Though, in a nascent stage in India, the home healthcare market stood at about $3.20 billion in 2016 and is expected to reach $6.21 billion in 2020. One reason behind this unprecedented rise of the home healthcare segment is growing disposable incomes and the urge for quality services coupled with an acute dearth of qualified doctors and a shortage of hospital beds. However, these figures seem incongruent with the growing patient and geriatric population in the country.”


Another very important aspect put forward in the report is about the treatment of the elderly. In India as around the world, there is a good number which is reaching the old age stage. It would be rude if their convenience is not taken care of. Here are a few statistics that are provided,” The chances that we would be bedridden and in need of support in our later years is a reality. Apart from the 340 million elderly who will require home care, there will be millions needing critical care at home by the year 2050.”


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Challenges that home care faces in India


If there is a new system to become popular, it is obvious that there will be challenges to be faced in that case. The report says about the constraint that you might have to face on both the patient end. It also keeps the perspective of hospitals in the account.


The report says, “The population’s mindset is another roadblock. Accepting the transition from when an untrained family member takes care of a bedridden patient to a point where qualified external assistance is sought can be a long journey in itself. The challenge is to understand that the needs of a chronically ill patient vary significantly with factors like the type of ailment, the age and the condition of the patient. With home healthcare picking pace in India, more start-ups in the domain are training the staff right to provide appropriate personalized assistance as per patient needs.”


With a cultural drift towards nuclear families and working couple households, the demand for home-based care for the ailing seems to be growing rapidly. Still, this segment is far from reaching its true potential. While the Indian healthcare market stands at $100 billion, the home care segment only accounts for 3% of the market share. The market is bustling with opportunity and the home care segment has a lot of work to do.


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Source: Economics Times

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