India’s First Cervical Cancer Vaccine By Serum Institute

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A big achievement in the Oncology field comes with the recent launch of the cervical cancer vaccine that has been indigenously made by the Serum Institute, Pune, the same organization which manufactures the COVID-19 vaccine.


This is a big step to help women around the country fight and be saved from the Cancer that affects women at large along with breast cancer. . The Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI) last month granted market authorization to the Serum Institute of India (SII) to manufacture an indigenously-developed vaccine against cervical cancer.


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What is Cervical Cancer?


Screening Methods Of Cervical Cancer Every Woman Must Know


Cervical cancer is cancer that arises in the cervix. Like all other cancer, it grows due to the abnormal growth of cells that have the ability to spread to other parts of the body. At the early stage, typically no symptoms are seen. Over time symptoms may be visible which include abnormal vaginal bleeding, pelvic pain, or pain during sexual intercourse. Cervical cancer treatment may help to cure the growth of these cells.

Types of Cervical Cancer Treatment:


Cervical cancer treatment depends on various factors, like the stage of cancer, other health problems, and your preferences. For the treatment doctor can use surgery, radiation, chemotherapy or a combination of the three may be used.




Early-stage cervical cancer generally can be treated with surgery to remove the uterus which is known as hysterectomy. A hysterectomy or uterus removal can cure early-stage cervical cancer and prevent a recurrence. But removing the uterus makes it impossible to become anyone pregnant.




Radiation therapy for cervical cancer treatment uses high-powered energy beams, such as X-rays or protons, to kill cancer cells. It may be used alone or with a combination of chemotherapy before surgery to shrink a tumor or after surgery to kill any remaining cancer cells.




This therapy for cervical cancer treatment uses medications, usually injected into a vein, to kill cancer cells. Low doses of chemotherapy are usually combined with radiation therapy, Well, it can enhance the effects of the radiation. Higher doses of chemotherapy are used to control advanced stages of cervical cancer that may not be curable.


Follow-up Care

After you complete the cervical cancer treatment, your doctor will recommend regular checkups. Ask your doctor how often you should have follow-up exams.

Supportive (palliative) Care


It is specialized medical care that focuses on giving relief from pain and other symptoms of serious health issues. These specialists work with you, your family, and your other doctors in order to provide an extra layer of support that supports your ongoing care.


Data On Cervical Cancer


An estimated 1.25 lakh Indian women are annually diagnosed with cervical cancer and over 75,000 die from the disease. “We are here to celebrate the scriptwriters of this story of scientific discovery and self-reliance,” Singh said, praising biotechnology secretary Rajesh Gokhale and his team during the launch. 


AIIMS obstetrics and gynecology professor Neerja Bhatla, who has been involved with the vaccine development, said it was safe and effective with evidence from vaccine use in the UK and Nordic countries showing a fast reduction in cancers. Bhatla called for administering the shot to boys too to prevent HPV-induced cancers and genital warts in them.


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