Preventing Cervical Cancer in 8 Ways

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The idea behind, “prevention is better than cure” is important to understand. As young girls and grown-up ladies taking care of your health are very necessary. Cervical Cancer as we have discussed earlier is woman-centric. Preventing Cervical Cancer to help yourself stay healthy.


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What do we know about Cervical Cancer?


Cervical cancer is a type of cancer that occurs in the cells of the cervix in the lower part of the uterus and connects to the vagina. Many strains of the human papillomavirus (HPV), a sexually transmitted infection, play a role in causing most cervical cancer.


Why do we need ways of preventing cervical cancer?


Untreated cervical cancer can spread to the bladder, intestines, lymph nodes, bones, lungs, and liver. Cervical cancer can lead to death. Early cervical cancer may not have symptoms. Early symptoms may include a continuous vaginal discharge, abnormal bleeding, and changes in your period patterns.

The possibility of survival after diagnose is about 80-90% for the first stage. On the other hand, the survival rate falls down to 80%-60%.


Ways of Preventing Cervical Cancer


We think the reasons are clear to help you understand why preventing cervical cancer is important. See these ways and try following them as much as possible.


  • Routine Checkups
  • Routine checkups help a lot in preventing any illness. In case of preventing cervical cancer, it will help to solve things at an early stage. It helps young girls to protect themselves better and those who are diagnosed have better chances to overcome.


Get vaccinated to prevent cervical cancer


Preventing cervical cancer is easy. You must take care of your vaccination. This is something that is added to the above-mentioned way. You must visit the doctor regularly. These are points you must keep in your head:


  • Girls at age 11 or 12 (though the first dose can be given as young as 9),
  • Females aged 13-26 who have not previously been vaccinated and have not previously been diagnosed with cervical cancer.


Get your self checked for HIV


Studies show that HIV infected ladies have high chances of being affected by Cervical Cancer.


  • PAP test must be taken regularly
  • PAP test taken on a regular basis helps in preventing cervical cancer. What is the PAP test? It is a test that helps, doctors, detect abnormalities changes on the cells on your cervix and take action before cervical cancer develops.



Taking Healthy meal helps in preventing cervical cancer


A healthy meal can help you not only get away from cancer but most of the chronic condition. Eat enough fruits and vegetables to help get better immunity. This will also keep you in good weight.


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Get HPV Tests for preventing Cervical Cancer


The HPV test is used in combination with the PAP test as a way of strengthening the ability to detect cervical cancer. The USPTF recommends screening using the HPV test alone or a combination of the PAP and HPV test every five years for women over 30.



Quit Smoking and other addictions for preventing Cervical Cancer


It is necessary that you say a big No, to smoking and alcohol. Smoking cigarettes doubles your risk of developing cervical cancer. Studies have shown that tobacco by-products damage the DNA of cervix cells and may contribute to the development of cervical cancer.


Safe Sex helps in Preventing Cervical Cancer


Studies have shown that women who have many sexual partners increase their risk of developing HPV and their risk of cervical cancer.


Let us understand that these ways of preventing cervical cancer will work if you want them to. Taking a chance is of no use. You must seek a doctor’s consultation. For any further information, read our blogs on the topic.


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