Study: Early Risers May Have Lower Breast Cancer Risk

Anju Bisht

, News


A study has found that the females sleeping for longer hours are more prone to breast cancer than those women who wake up early in the morning. A Technique known as Mendelian randomization was used by researchers to analyze genetic variants associated with three particular sleep traits — morning or evening preference (chronotype), sleep duration, and insomnia.


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Based on the analyzed database of more than four lakh women from two studies — UK Biobank study and Breast Cancer Association Consortium (BCAC) study.



In the context of observational analysis of UK Biobank data, there was a slightly lower risk of breast cancer in case of morning preference than evening preference. Though there was little evidence for an association with sleep duration and insomnia symptoms.



BCAC examination also supported a protective effect of morning preference and showed potential harm of longer sleep duration (more than the recommended 7-8 hours) on breast cancer, although evidence for insomnia symptoms was inconsistent.



Eva Schernhammer from the University of Vienna in Austria commented on the findings, published in the journal BMJ, identify a need for future research exploring how the stresses on our biological clock can be reduced.


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Source: Economic Times

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