International Childhood Cancer Day 2019 : Cancers that Develop in Children

Divya Tripathi

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International Childhood Cancer Day (ICCD) is celebrated around the world each year on February 15th and it was founded in 2002 by Childhood Cancer International (CCI). Childhood Cancer International is a global network of around 171 people all around the world, Which includes around 88 countries that are committed to working with its international partners including the World Health Organization, SIOP.


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What is International Childhood Cancer Day?


ICCD is a global campaign which raises the awareness about childhood cancer and to express support for adolescents and children suffering from cancer and their families. This day is celebrated to promotes expended appreciation and thorough understanding of challenges that are impacting to the childhood cancer and the survivors. It also highlights the need for more unbiased and better access to treatment and cares for all children with cancer, all over the world.



Every year, around 300,000 children are diagnosed with cancer. Nowadays cancer is a disease that connects countless communities and families of all regions globally. With proper quality care, around 80% the patient of childhood cancer can survive, with the full and healthy lives. However, many children in middle-income and low-income countries do not receive complete care, and, resulting, over 90% of childhood cancer deaths occur.



A global response is required to give proper care to every child and the best chance of surviving cancer free and to improve access, raise awareness and better understand that why and where Childhood cancer is diagnosed and offer the best possible treatment, palliative care and support for children as well as their families. WHO(World Health Organization) has highlighted the importance of diagnosing childhood cancer early and improving access to treatment for children and adolescents with cancer.


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