International Nurses Day 2018

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International Nurses Day is celebrated every year on May 12 on the occasion of the birth anniversary of English social reformer and statistician Florence Nightingale.


The International Nurses Day is celebrated to mark the contributions of nurses in making the better society.


This year’s theme for International Nurses Day is “Nurses: A Voice to Lead – Health is a Human Right.”


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History of International Nurses Day

International Nurses Day was first proposed by Dorothy Sutherland, from the US Department of Health, Education, and Welfare. U., in 1953 and first announced by 4th U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower.


The first day was celebrated in 1965 by the International Council of Nurses (CIE).


In January 1974, it was declared that May 12 will be celebrated as the International Nurses Day as the birthday of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing. The International Nurses Day kit includes documents on education and public information that nurses must use for the public.


The International Council of Nurses celebrates the International Day of Nurses worldwide on May 12 as the anniversary birth of Florence Nightingale. In 2014, the International Council of Nurses will spread education and information kit based on its theme. Nurses are always encouraged to use this kit throughout the year through their individual and group activities.


Florence Nightingale (Fundamental Philosopher of Modern Nursing) was born on May 12, 1820. The International Council of Nurses founded in 1974 to celebrate each year in recognition of the importance of the role of nurses in providing the best nursing and healthcare services. She became an important figure in nursing since the Crimean War in the 1850s.


Educational and promotional activities are organized to celebrate the International Nurses Day in order to address many health issues. The theme of the celebration is chosen for nurses and the environment and addresses issues related to healthcare. It is celebrated as a week-long event, National Nurses Week, in many countries like Australia, U.S., and Canada.


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How the International Nurses Day Celebrated?

International Nurses Day is celebrated each year with candlelight service at Westminster Abbey in London. A candle lamp was passed from one nurse to another (symbolizing the transfer of knowledge from one nurse to another) to put them on the high altar. A grand ceremony is also held one day after his birthday in the church of Santa Margarita, burial place of Florence Nightingale.


The week’s celebration commemorates the important role nurses play in the patients they care for. The activities are conducted in the form of educational seminars, various events, debates, competitions, debates, etc. Nurses are honored and valued on this day by distributing gifts, flowers, organizing dinners, through friends, family members, and colleagues (doctors, administrators, and patients).


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