National Influenza Vaccination Week: Influenza Vaccination for Kids

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Flu is considered as non-life threatening viral infection by the majority of the population, However, flu can be fatal and chronic in many cases. Hence, in order to keep a firm hand and control over this transmissible disease, National Influenza Vaccination Week has been organized and celebrated in various part of the world.


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Majorly, this week focuses towards the vaccination and immunization of the people living nearby or inside the country region of the world as at such places risk of transmission is extremely high. Moreover, kids are at higher risk of flu so the need for influenza vaccination for kids is way more necessary and crucial.


What is National Influenza Vaccination Week?


Every other year, a large populace suffers and dies due to the spread of the flu for which the prime reason turns out to be the scarcity of vaccination and inappropriate treatment procedures. The National Influenza Vaccination Week is thoroughly practiced to analyze the epidemic nature of influenza in last or recent years.


After the analysis of influenza, a special team is constructed which priorly and primely focuses towards putting an end to the transmission of this viral infection before it starts to infect people. It is believed that the influenza epidemic begins majorly in winters whereas February remains at the peak risk, hence it is important to seek influenza vaccination for kids 1-2 month prior.



Main Objectives of the National Influenza Vaccination Week:


  • Understand the risks and chronicity of flu occurred in last year.


  • Aware people with flu vaccine benefits and risks of the flu.


  • Describing how to administer the flu vaccine and how it works.


  • Motivating people to participate in the Nation Influenza Vaccination Week.


  • Gathering people to teach them self-care and prevention methods against flu.




What is Influenza Vaccination for Kids?


The children who fall under the age category of 6 months to 4 years are eligible for Influenza Vaccination. The vaccination camps are mounted at various places where the vaccination is provided. The influenza vaccine for kids is offered as a yearly nasal spray to young children to help protect them against flu. Flu can be extremely unpleasant illness for children, with potentially serious complications, including pneumonia and bronchitis.


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Do Kids Remain at Higher Risk of Influenza?


Children between the age of 2 to 15 who have been suffering from the condition of illness or infection from a long time are at extremely high risks of influenza. It is better to seek influenza vaccination for kids to tackle away from the risks before it becomes difficult to deal with the flu.




What are the Risks of Influenza Vaccination?


It has been observed some people have complained regarding their baby getting sick after getting the vaccination but there is no such evidence available which supports such drastic consequences of the vaccination. The only side effect encountered by the babies after vaccination is a short period of running nose. Hence taking your babies and kids to the National Influenza Vaccination Week Camp is safe and secure.



Important Points to Remember:


  • A fit and the healthy kid can even catch influenza


  • Flu can be fatal and chronic so do not ignore the symptoms


  • Living with a bad cold is equivalent to living with Influenza


  • National Influenza Vaccination Week is celebrated every year between 3 December to 10 December


  • Influenza Vaccination for Kids is free in the majority of health camps and centers


  • Practice hygiene and cleanliness to decrease the risks of influenza


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