Hot-Air Hand Dryers Spread Bacteria and Viruses!! Really??

Tanuja Bisht

, Health A2Z

We all are familiar with hot-air hand dryers that we usually use in malls and in hospitals but we might not aware of this that these hot-air hand dryers spread bacteria and viruses. Hot-air hand dryers dry your hands super fast, but they might be making others around you sick.


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Recently, a study published in the periodical “Journal of Applied Microbiology” reveals the comparison between the spreading of bacteria and viruses when people dry their hands with paper towels, jet dryers, and hot-air dryers and found that jet air dryers and hot-air dryers spread more viral plaques than paper towels.


Hand dryers are designed for both helping the environment by reducing the use of paper towels and apparently helping to decrease the spread of germs. But as it turns out, using these hot-air dryers might be doing more harm than good.




What are the Bacteria?


Bacteria are organisms made of a single cell. Bacteria have the capacity to multiply and divide by themselves. These bacteria exist everywhere, inside as well as on our bodies. Most of them are totally harmless and some of them are very useful.


But some of the bacteria can also cause diseases because they end up in the wrong place inside our body.




What are Viruses?


Viruses are too small to be seen through our naked eye as well as they can’t multiply on their own. So for this, they have to attack a ‘host’ cell.


Viruses consist of genetic materials (RNA or DNA) which are surrounded by a protective protein coat. The cells of the mucous membranes, like those lining the respiratory portions that we breathe through, are particularly open to virus attacks.


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How are Infections with Viruses and Bacteria Spread?


Bacterial and viral infections are both spreads in basically the same ways.



  • Viruses and bacteria can be passed through shaking or touching hands with another person.


  • Touching food with unclean and dirty hands will also allow bacteria or viruses from the intestine to spread.


  • Body fluids like blood, semen, and saliva contain the infecting organisms and transmission of fluids.






After reading all this we come to know that really, the hot-air hand dryers spread bacteria and viruses that cause several diseases to not only young people but also old and small kids.


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