How to Cure Your Child in Winter Season From Pneumonia?

Divya Tripathi

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Pneumonia is an infection of the lungs. It can because of a cough, fever, and problems with breathing. Most of the children make a complete recovery from pneumonia.


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It can affect one or both lungs of the baby. Babies may lead pneumonia after the flu, or a cold and viruses are the most common reasons for the infection. If severe pneumonia if left untreated in babies it can be life-threatening. So, let’s discuss to cure your child in the winter season of pneumonia.




What are the Symptoms of Pneumonia?


Symptoms of mild pneumonia are often like of a common cold. Children tend to be tougher than adults, and they may not act like sick. A child with pneumonia will usually eat and sleep normally and have normal bowel habits.


Some major symptoms of mild pneumonia are:


  • A cough continues more than seven days



  • Low fever (temperature of 101°F)



  • Chills or body aches


  • Decreased appetite in older children


  • A feeling of general malaise or discomfort


  • Labored breathing in severe cases


  • Wheezing, which is more common in severe viral infections



How to Prevent Pneumonia?


Prevention you need to take to cure Cure your child in this winter season from pneumonia:


Ensure The Vaccinations Are Up To Date: The pneumococcal vaccine (PCV) is given to protect against pathogens that cause pneumonia, meningitis, and septicemia (blood poisoning).



Maintain a Good Personal Hygiene: Keep your hands clean and ask your baby to wash hand frequently. everyone around kids, make sure they practice good hygiene. Cover your mouth with cloth when you cough to prevent germs. Regularly sanitize toys, feeding bottles, utensils and other things that can formulate germs.



Good Nourishment: The important thing to give your kid a proper nourishing, so they can fight infections. Breastfeeding them exclusively for the first 6 months is the best way to strengthen your baby’s immune system. Add fruits, vegetable, dry fruits in your kid food.


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What are the Treatments for Pneumonia?


In some cases, an infection due to mild pneumonia may not need any treatment rather than rest. Most of the time doctors prescribe an oral antibiotic called amoxicillin. Children may need up to 14 days of oral antibiotics for a bacterial cause of mild pneumonia, and a day or two of rest at home. Mild pneumonia usually can take 4-6 weeks to clear up completely. It’s important to give your child plenty of downtime during recovery.


Sleep and lots of hydration are important. Here are some tips you can do to keep your child hydrated:


  • Keep a water bottle near your child to encourage hydration long the day.


  • Refill electrolytes with drinks such as Pedialyte or Gatorade.


  • Offer your child sugar-free frozen desserts.






Mild pneumonia can be treated easily by the above mention tips. The rest is best in the case to pneumonia. If your pediatric prescribes antibiotics, make sure your child completes the entire course. Because it is often caused due to bacteria and your child can catch it again. So don’t get worried about pneumonia take preventions to cure your child in winter season from pneumonia and enjoy winters.


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